Urdu Wazifa for Dua Acceptance

Urdu Wazifa for Dua Acceptance , ” The best time for dua acceptance is when you sleep and your eyes opens suddenly then do dua which will be accepted by the grace of Allah It also very useful to leave bed and offer Tahjud Namaz and then do dua after namaz But don’t forget to read the special gift of Muhammad Salallaho Alyhi wa Alihi wasalm for dua Acceptance.

Before and after any dua recite darood e ibrahimi 11 times Pray namaz five times daily Recite the following wazifa after you awake in night and do any dua will be accepted and you will be forgive by Allah its with special gift from Hazrat Muhammad Salallah o Alyhi Wasalam

According to the Hadith if anyone whose awake after sleep in the night and say our problems to Allah with the help of these dua’s his or her dua will be accepted this is a special gift from Muhammad Salallah o Alyhi walihe wasalam.

Also note that any dua which will not accepted we take reward of that dua which will help us in any other problems and the dua for which try a lot and not accepted by Allah are not good for us because of this reason our dua will not accepted.keep remind me in your Prayers