Just Bought A Flat-Screen TV? Here Are Some Ideas for the TV Stands

Home entertainment now has been more popular than ever. With Netflix and other streaming services, you can binge watching many shows on your TV. Or you can watch movies with theatrical experience from a wide flat-screen TV. To increase the experience watching from TV and to make yourself comfortable while watching it, of course, you will need good TV stands.

Ideas before purchasing this Type of TV

This furniture needs to support the TV so you can view it from the best angle. There are many kinds of stands available out there. To get the best way of enjoying shows from your TV you need to buy the stand that matches your room and viewing angle. Here are some ideas before you buy this type of TV.

Choose a comfortable viewing height

wall mount tv stand

Don’t buy one that will only make your neck hurts because you watch the TV at uncomfortable angles for hours. The stand should position the TV screen at your eye level. 42 inches is the recommended height. However, the best angle will depend on the height of the sofa or chairs.

Do not forget to measure your eye level first when seated for customizing the setup. It is to make sure that the center of the TV isn’t too far from your sight line. So, it is recommended to buy a stand that provides a mount so you can adjust the display level as you needed.

The stand should match the TV size and width

metal TV Stand

Of course, when you buy the stand, you need to consider the size of the TV. A 50 inch that can give theater viewing experience, of course, will need more space, let alone the extra wide model. If space allows your big wide TV, then it’s time to consider the TV consoles.

Look for the console that is wider than the display so there will be no overhang for the TV that is positioned in the middle room. Although most flat screen TV has a base to support the weight, there are chances that you will bump or toppling the display, especially when you use a small stand.

Complement the room layout

corner TV stand

You may find it difficult having a small room but you want to buy a big flat screen TV. You don’t have to bury your dream buying the big TV. There are ways to position the TV in a small room. A swivel TV stand will help to find the optimal viewing angle in such small room.

Purchase a corner TV stand to position the TV in the corner of the room. It has triangle edge to fit the corner of the room. Another idea is to buy a wall-mount TV stand to free some spaces in front of you. If you already have a regular stand, equip it with a wall console to add the room’s storage capacity.

Choose a style

bohemian tv stand

This TV come with many styles, ranging from staggering shelving, asymmetrical shapes to rounded bases. Choose very wisely so it will not lead to the confused decor. The best one is the one that blends well with your room’s aesthetic. Use open shelving with simple geometric lines to capture the contemporary space’s minimalist feel.

A white, pale neutral or light gray TV stand will make the room look brighter and more spacious. Meanwhile, clean lines and dark solids are better for transitional decor and thicker frames with ornament details completed by richly stained wood are suitable for traditional rooms.

Other styles that are worth to consider are a modern TV stand, bohemian TV stand, and classic style. Classic style never gets old. Find one made from durable hardwood. If you are more a modern person, the sharp and with sleek lines modern TV stand will give you the 21st-century feel.

Choose the right material for the better result

wood TV Stand

To find the best stand, you need to consider the ones that are made by these materials: wood, medium density fireboard, metal, glass, and particle board. If you are looking for the long lasting one, veneered plywood, metal, or wood made stand are the best options. These materials make the stand heavy and firm so it will remain stable.

A wooden made TV stand is the best choice if you have wooden furniture and flooring in the same room. However, there is one issue. A wooden stand usually has back panel and it will difficult for ventilation and access for the cable. Regardless, if you are interested in the stand made from wood, find one that comes in brown that work in various color and style, or black for the stronger color. These two colors are the safest so it can work well in your decoration.

A glass made with metal as the support is also durable. Make sure you purchase one that is made from a strong glass material. To keep the stand clean, reserve the glass unit if the household is a “low-traffic” one. Then, the medium-density fireboard and particle board are the best one if you are looking the cheaper one. It may less durable, but it is durable enough for daily use.

Storage and organization to keep it neat

tv stand storage

Buying a flat-screen TV requires a room for the cable and clutter. You don’t want to show off the TV with clutters under the TV stand. To organize the clutter, such as cable or magazine you will need a stand has board tabletop space. The TV as the center of entertainment is the perfect place to show some electronics. That’s why you need the storage.

Most stands are already available with a cutout for cord management. It helps to conceal the cables and, of course, it will keep your kids and pets from electrical hazard. That’s why you need to choose the stand with open shelving, drawers or closed cabinet.

Make sure that the storage has enough space for all of the devices, such as game consoles, audio and video player and so on. The stand with drawers can hide the items from view. For the drawers with glass door, make sure it is made from tempered glass that is stronger than regular glass.

Those are several things that you need to know before buying TV stands. Make sure it is suitable for your room in color, style, size, material, and shape.

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