Pleasing Gifts for Kids Wrapped in Lovely Wrappers

Gift is one of many ways to show our kids how much we love them. There are myriad ideas about the right gifts for kids, either boy or girl, but today we would love to share wrapping ideas instead of gift ideas. If the wrapping of gifts for kids is attractive, kids will be more enthusiastic and curious about what’s inside.

So let us start with the simplest wrapping idea: the penguin gifts. Doesn’t matter the shape of the gift box, either rectangular, square, or spherical, penguin wrapping idea will make the gift looks more cute and awesome. First of all we need to prepare the papers and tools to create penguin wrapping.

Simplest yet Cutest Penguin Gifts for Kids

penguin gift wrap – penguin gift wrap

Prepare matte paper in light grey color to wrap the gifts, peach colored matte paper to create the penguin snouts, white glossy paper for the faces of penguin, and black glossy paper for penguin’s eyes. Then get your scissor, glue, pen, and ruler ready. Once you get them gathered, wrap the entire gifts for kids using the light grey wrapping paper.

Then use your pen to draw circles on the white glossy paper to create penguin faces, adjust penguin faces’ size with the gifts’ size. Cut them carefully so you’ll get perfect sphere. Then draw smaller circles on black glossy papers, remember to adjust their size with penguin faces’ size. Cut those eyes then stick them on the faces using glue.

To create penguin snouts we need to make some rectangular prisms using peach colored matte paper. And then stick the snouts between penguin eyes but slightly below the eyes position. Now glue the penguin face on each gift for kids. If you want different animal wrapping for each kid, try more unique wrapping ideas below.

The A4 file is in .pdf format, you can download it by clicking here: Download Template

Easy Artistic Animal Gifts for Kids

diy giftwrap elephan – diy gift wrap elephan

Brown wrapping paper is the main material to prepare. The other things to prepare are black marker, colorful balloons, colorful pompoms, tape, and glue. Now wrap all gifts with brown wrapping paper. Then draw some standing elephants on some gifts using black marker. Use the balloons as elephants’ face. Draw eyes on each balloon, the long section of balloon will be elephant’s trunk.

Glue the balloon on brown wrapped gifts between elephant’s ears with the long section facing down. Once we’re done with the elephants, let’s move on to mice themed gifts. Materials for mice themed gift are same as the ones we use for elephant themed gifts, except the balloon. Replace balloons with pastel pink colored matte paper.

After wrapping the gift using brown wrapping paper, draw mouse face on front part. Then cut the pastel pink paper into two triangles and one ribbon. Glue the pink ribbon under the face of the mouse and two pink triangles on the top of the gift, above the mouse’s face. You can also draw cat, bear, and tiger on brown wrapped gifts.

Have a look at this video and discover how to creatively wrap your presents.

Lovely Unicorn Gifts for Kids with Specific Details

animals gift wrap – animals gift wrap

Girls typically love something cute and sweet like unicorn, so let us surprise her with lovely unicorn gift. First, use baby pink paper to wrap her gift. Next, use gold colored marker to draw the eyelashes of unicorn on the baby pink wrapper (unicorn with closed eyes look even more beautiful). Then take a blank paper where you will create unicorn’s ears.

Draw unicorn’s ears on that blank paper then color them using pink colored pencil. Cut them but add some space under the ears drawing then glue the ears on top of her pink wrapped gift. Now create unicorn horn from gold paper or blank paper you block using gold marker. Glue the horn between unicorn’s ears.

Unicorn looks lovely because of its hair or mane. Use curly and colorful ribbons for the mane of her unicorn gift. Stick the ribbons to the gift behind unicorn’s horn. Finally, embellish the beautiful unicorn by sticking some flowers in front of one ear. Those flowers, either dried flowers or paper flowers, enhance the femininity of the gift. She’ll love it!

Expressive Gifts for Kids to Enliven the Moment

emoji gift wrap – emoji gift wrap

Messaging app can be unique source to wrap your gifts in special way. Open any messaging app you love then check the emoticons, use emoticons as gift theme for your kids. Use yellow wrapping papers to wrap all gifts for your kids. Then add different emoticon for each gift. There are two ways to bring out the emoticons of your messaging app and deliver them to your gifts.

First way is printing the emoticon on papers, cutting the emoticon, and then sticking the emoticon on yellow wrapped gifts. This way will make your gifts look exactly the same as app’s emoticon. Second way is drawing each emoticon carefully using colorful markers. If you choose the second way, you better be careful so you can deliver each expression appropriately.

Arousing Curiosity by Attractive Wrapping of Gifts for Kids

animals gift wrap – animals gift wrap

If you often reward your kids, you definitely need fresh ideas about wrapping the gifts so you’ll know how to make each gift special and interesting. Just as clothes adorning our look, beautiful wrapping beautifies our gifts and make them more meaningful. Try each idea we share here for each different moment so you’ll always have new wrapping idea for every moment.

Distinguish the gift for your boys and girls by wrapping them in different theme. Pick feminine wrapping ideas like unicorn gift, emoticon kiss gift, or cute mice gift for the girls. Then wrap boys’ gifts in more manly wrapping ideas like dinosaur, tiger, funny emoticon, shark, or Mr. Dog wrapping. Why don’t we wrap all gifts using the same patterned wrapping gifts? It is way simpler.

Your boys and girls will recognize the gifts belong to them once they see the different gift wrappings. So, instead of asking the employee of toy store to wrap your gifts, why don’t you try the new ways of wrapping gift we’ve shared here? Then teach your kids the steps so they can wrap their own gifts and impress their friends one day.

Why don’t you Use These Mandala Style Home Decor Ideas for Your Home?

Mandala style of decoration for your house is one of the latest interior design that is deserved to be in your home. Mandala which is also called mandala tapestry has the bohemian or hippie pattern which has become the trend in the 1960s.

Using mandala tapestry pattern in your home can turn it into a beautiful home with its beautiful ethnic motif decoration. Combining supportive colors makes the mandala tapestry as one of the perfect accessories for your room.

Mandala style inspirations for your home decor

mandala home decor

If you’re looking for the mandala inspirations, this article will give you some of beautiful decorations ideas with the mandala style. Let’s find out how to apply this mandala idea nicely for a cool and beautiful home.

Implement the mandala style will sweeten the small family room

Decorating the house reflects your personality as the owner and it goes the same to decorating the living room. If your family room is quite small, you can add a simple tapestry to express the artistic side that you have. For you who love the bohemian style, the beautiful mandala tapestry will be a great choice.

Also, do not forget to sweeten your room with unique wall decoration. Adding LED lights as a decor can also emerge cheerful atmosphere in the small room.

Mandala motif makes the family room feels warm & homely

Applying mandala motif on your house can make it more beautiful. One of them is by applying the mandala motif to a modern theme family room.

If the family room mostly features a modern theme, with a mandala motif as home decoration, the room will have distinctive characteristics that are different from other family room.

Make sure the size of this mandala motif looks proportional and does not collide with the existing eclectic style on the other furniture. This inspiration certainly convinces you further to apply the mandala tapestry as one of decorations that can match any interior.

Mandala wall stickers look good for home decoration

mandala home decor

Mandala sticker or wall art with mandala motif is one of decoration that is suitable for you who do not want to spend so much times arranging the decoration. Simply put it on the empty space in the living room or maybe behind the sofa.

Then, the mandala sticker will easily blend in with all of the themes, with the beauty of it still becomes the highlight. The motif and the color do not only look simpler, but also looks more modern. This mandala idea is absolutely cool, simple, modern and also convenience.

Beautiful mandala wallpaper can also be a good choice

Play with mandala wallpaper so you can upgrade the appearance of a family room to super charming. The mandala motif can emerge the elegant impression of the room and it is far from the traditional look.

Because of mandala decoration, you do not need many decorations or add some other home decorations as the compliment. However, remember that if you want to use mandala wallpaper, make sure the furniture in the neutral color.

Mandala mural to support industrial-style family room

mandala home decor

In this idea we are still playing on the wall as if it is your canvas and as the main decoration of the house. What you have to do is to paint the mural on wet cement walls. The motif and line of color should be so simple, so the chosen industrial style interior becomes more complete.

With a little of orange and yellow accents, the industrial style looks more elegant with the mural. Complete the wall decoration with minimalist furniture.

Mandala fabrics accents and ethnic home decorations

Another alternative to mandala decoration in the living room can be raised through the available main furniture. If you are applying a warm ethnic bohemian style, the family room should have a similar home decoration.

The mandala motif appears as a beautiful throw to adorn any large sofa. The color of mandala motif can make a family room dominated by monochromatic color look more alive. Complete this idea with soft yellow decorative lights to make the room more comfy for resting.

The Blue mandala with the stylish bohemian motif

mandala home decor

If you love a modern and dynamic room, you can still use mandala home decoration with style. You can design the family room with modern home decoration and use electric blue furniture. The key is to choose the furniture and decoration with a matching color palette.

Symmetrical home decoration with box mandala motif

One of the tricks to creating a comfortable family room, especially in the small one is by creating a family room with a special theme, for example, an antique theme. To apply this idea, place the mandala pattern beautifully on a fabric hanged right in the middle of the antique-style living room.

The color selection should be complementary, for example, red and dark brown that will give the impression of a classic, complement the antique style. In addition, sweeten the room with unique sofa cushions.

DIY decoration with knitted mandala

mandala home decor

If you find the happiness when showing your own home decoration design, it’s time to experiment with knitting decorations. For beautiful results, choose the main color as the focus of the decoration.
For example, choose two main colors like red and blue, which have been complemented with other colors as the accents.
To make the room more lively and warm, add a soft carpet as an additional home decoration. A carpet can make any room look spacious. If you choose a patterned rug, avoid putting too many decorations so it will not look full. You can also add small decorative plants too.

Mandala home decoration can also apply on the floor

If you are more experimentalist and want something different, try home this mandala motif decorating tips. The idea comes along with a carpet that carries the ethnic theme but has a simple and modern monochrome color. For you who like Scandinavian interior style, you can also use this kind of carpet.

Well, after you know these beautiful mandala tapestry home decor ideas, do you become more interested to apply them at your home?

Just Bought A Flat-Screen TV? Here Are Some Ideas for the TV Stands

Home entertainment now has been more popular than ever. With Netflix and other streaming services, you can binge watching many shows on your TV. Or you can watch movies with theatrical experience from a wide flat-screen TV. To increase the experience watching from TV and to make yourself comfortable while watching it, of course, you will need good TV stands.

Ideas before purchasing this Type of TV

This furniture needs to support the TV so you can view it from the best angle. There are many kinds of stands available out there. To get the best way of enjoying shows from your TV you need to buy the stand that matches your room and viewing angle. Here are some ideas before you buy this type of TV.

Choose a comfortable viewing height

wall mount tv stand

Don’t buy one that will only make your neck hurts because you watch the TV at uncomfortable angles for hours. The stand should position the TV screen at your eye level. 42 inches is the recommended height. However, the best angle will depend on the height of the sofa or chairs.

Do not forget to measure your eye level first when seated for customizing the setup. It is to make sure that the center of the TV isn’t too far from your sight line. So, it is recommended to buy a stand that provides a mount so you can adjust the display level as you needed.

The stand should match the TV size and width

metal TV Stand

Of course, when you buy the stand, you need to consider the size of the TV. A 50 inch that can give theater viewing experience, of course, will need more space, let alone the extra wide model. If space allows your big wide TV, then it’s time to consider the TV consoles.

Look for the console that is wider than the display so there will be no overhang for the TV that is positioned in the middle room. Although most flat screen TV has a base to support the weight, there are chances that you will bump or toppling the display, especially when you use a small stand.

Complement the room layout

corner TV stand

You may find it difficult having a small room but you want to buy a big flat screen TV. You don’t have to bury your dream buying the big TV. There are ways to position the TV in a small room. A swivel TV stand will help to find the optimal viewing angle in such small room.

Purchase a corner TV stand to position the TV in the corner of the room. It has triangle edge to fit the corner of the room. Another idea is to buy a wall-mount TV stand to free some spaces in front of you. If you already have a regular stand, equip it with a wall console to add the room’s storage capacity.

Choose a style

bohemian tv stand

This TV come with many styles, ranging from staggering shelving, asymmetrical shapes to rounded bases. Choose very wisely so it will not lead to the confused decor. The best one is the one that blends well with your room’s aesthetic. Use open shelving with simple geometric lines to capture the contemporary space’s minimalist feel.

A white, pale neutral or light gray TV stand will make the room look brighter and more spacious. Meanwhile, clean lines and dark solids are better for transitional decor and thicker frames with ornament details completed by richly stained wood are suitable for traditional rooms.

Other styles that are worth to consider are a modern TV stand, bohemian TV stand, and classic style. Classic style never gets old. Find one made from durable hardwood. If you are more a modern person, the sharp and with sleek lines modern TV stand will give you the 21st-century feel.

Choose the right material for the better result

wood TV Stand

To find the best stand, you need to consider the ones that are made by these materials: wood, medium density fireboard, metal, glass, and particle board. If you are looking for the long lasting one, veneered plywood, metal, or wood made stand are the best options. These materials make the stand heavy and firm so it will remain stable.

A wooden made TV stand is the best choice if you have wooden furniture and flooring in the same room. However, there is one issue. A wooden stand usually has back panel and it will difficult for ventilation and access for the cable. Regardless, if you are interested in the stand made from wood, find one that comes in brown that work in various color and style, or black for the stronger color. These two colors are the safest so it can work well in your decoration.

A glass made with metal as the support is also durable. Make sure you purchase one that is made from a strong glass material. To keep the stand clean, reserve the glass unit if the household is a “low-traffic” one. Then, the medium-density fireboard and particle board are the best one if you are looking the cheaper one. It may less durable, but it is durable enough for daily use.

Storage and organization to keep it neat

tv stand storage

Buying a flat-screen TV requires a room for the cable and clutter. You don’t want to show off the TV with clutters under the TV stand. To organize the clutter, such as cable or magazine you will need a stand has board tabletop space. The TV as the center of entertainment is the perfect place to show some electronics. That’s why you need the storage.

Most stands are already available with a cutout for cord management. It helps to conceal the cables and, of course, it will keep your kids and pets from electrical hazard. That’s why you need to choose the stand with open shelving, drawers or closed cabinet.

Make sure that the storage has enough space for all of the devices, such as game consoles, audio and video player and so on. The stand with drawers can hide the items from view. For the drawers with glass door, make sure it is made from tempered glass that is stronger than regular glass.

Those are several things that you need to know before buying TV stands. Make sure it is suitable for your room in color, style, size, material, and shape.

Have You Been Having A Hard Time to Pick A Gift for Men? Here Are Some Suggestions

Is your man going to have a birthday soon? Or are you two going to celebrate your special moments like anniversary or Christmas? To warm these special moments up, you may want to exchange gifts. Well, have you ever thought what kind of gift that you want to buy?

The most suitable and useful gift for men you might want to consider

rings gift for men

Maybe he is not picky and any gifts will make him happy, for sure. However, if any gifts can make him happy, then it won’t hurt to give him something that he actually likes. If in any chances you really don’t have any idea what kind of gift you want to buy, try these suggestions. Let’s check it out!

Men always bring the wallet to anywhere, so let’s give him this item

The wallet is the item that he would not leave behind. A guy should have an identity and cards or money, and all of them can be kept well in the wallet. Because it is so often being carried around, it becomes the fastest item worn out.

wallet gift for men

When you decide to give him this gift, pick one that is not too large so he can put it into his jeans’ pocket. The design should be elegant and made with a fairly good material.

Why don’t you buy a Kindle as a gift so he can read books anytime?

If he loves reading books but is too busy with his job that he can’t finish many books, you need to give him a Kindle that can help him to read books in his spare time. He will be able to read books anywhere. Kindle can be found in online shops.

kindle gift for men

Guys would love to have the games they have been waiting for

For some guys, games are an integral part of their life. Well, if you find your man is bored and frustrated by his busyness, you can give him a gift the latest games, especially the one that he has been rooting for. He surely will be having fun again. However, keep it under control because sometimes games are like drugs for guys.

His favorite band is having a concert? It’s time to get a ticket as a gift

What kind of music does he like? Rock? Pop? Or maybe classic? Buy him a ticket surely will blow his mind, especially if it’s a ticket for his favorite band’s concert, of course for both of you. Both of you can have a fun time together and the moment will be unforgettable.

ticket gift for men

Maybe your man is also like wearing hats, so get it as a gift!

Does he often wear hats on campus? Or he also likes to wear a hat while doing sport? You can give him this item. Find and give him the type of hat that he likes. Maybe a mountain hat, detective hat, or cowboy hat? You can find hats in clothing stores. Make sure the hat you give matches his character.

wearing gift for men

You guys celebrating the moments in rainy season? Then waterproof jacket will do good

Some men prefer to ride a motorbike, and they certainly cannot be separated with a jacket. If your man is that kind of person, he will need the jacket, especially the waterproof one in the rainy season.

waterproof jacket gift for men

As the rain cannot be predicted, it is safe to wear a waterproof jacket while riding a motorbike.

Giving him this jacket also means that you are paying attention to his health as it will, at least, keep him from soaking wet and catching a cold.

You can also buy him the original jersey of his favorite sports team

jersea gift for men

Original jersey from his team favorite team may be one of his dream clothes, especially if he is into football. He cannot call himself a fan if he doesn’t have the jersey. Make sure to get the right jersey before giving it as a gift. You don’t want to give him a jersey from his favorite team’s “arch-enemy”.

A small bag as a gift will be a very useful item if he likes traveling

It gives the most comfortable feeling when traveling while wearing a small bag that can be used to store small important items, such as mobile phones, wallets, and tickets. Nothing is wrong if you give him this bag as a gift. There are a lot of types and models offered for this kind of bag. Choose one with a color that matches his character.

small bag gift for men

Watches as a gift to make him become more punctual

He often comes late? Instead of getting angry, you can use his birthday to give him a watch. By giving a watch as a gift, indirectly you are giving the man a “code” to make him more punctual in the future. Besides, watches make a man looks sharper and cooler.

watches bag gift for men

A belt can also be a good choice of gift for guys

Maybe some guys tend to rarely replace their belt with a new one. But it can boost his confidence by giving a belt as a gift. The high-quality leather belt will be the best choice.

Why not giving him an exclusively designed tie as a gift

This choice of the gift, of course, will work if your man is working as a young executive and the office demands him to wear a tie when working. Just give him an exclusively designed tie to make him appear more confident. A nice tie is one of the items that an office worker can brag about.

exclusively designed tie gift for men

Your homemade chocolate as a gift? What kind of man who wants to refuse it?

Do you like to cook? Nothing is wrong to invite him to taste your homemade cooks. Maybe they are chocolates, cakes, or pancakes. It is guaranteed that he would like it.

chocolate gift for men

What kind of man that refuse his loved one’s homemade chocolate? If you are not skilled enough, you can learn from the recipes on the internet! At least he will appreciate your effort and it can strengthen your bonds.

Shoes will make a good gift

shoes gift for men

Shoes can increase one’s confidence. It can also make a man drastically looks good. So you can buy shoes for him as a gift. Leather shoes will do well for him who works at an office, casual footwear to boost his style and confidence or running shoes for those who love the marathon.

So, what do you think about our suggestion about the gift for men? Make sure that the gift is suitable for him and of course for you too.

You Can Pick One of These Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate the Special Day

An anniversary is one of the most special days for couples. There are a lot of ways to celebrate it. From romantic dinner, books as a gift, to doing sport together. However, if you are run out of inspiration, please do not worry because this article will pick some inspirations for perfect anniversary presents for you.

Anniversary gifts inspirations that you can use

ring anniversary gifts

Usually, anniversary presents are quite different from the birthday gift. It should be more romantic than birthday because you two are celebrating your love journey together. It should make you and your loved one become closer and love each other more. The gift is also recommended to be useful for everyday life so that when your loved one saw the gift, he or she will remember you.

Sweet love letter as a gift for you who are going through a long distance relationship

Sweet love letter as a anniversary gift

This gift is special for you who are going through a long distance relationship. It must be pretty suck if you cannot celebrate the anniversary with your loved one. So do not be sad because a sweet love letter can be a very special and touching gift. It is romantic and will help you to go through the relationship.

A watch with a romantic note will be a perfect gift

watch as anniversary gifts

Maybe your loved one broke his watch, or maybe he doesn’t have any. The anniversary will be the perfect time to give him a watch as a gift. Make it more romantic by giving a sweet romantic note inside the box. Give it to him and watch his expression. This gift is also applicable to girls.

Scrapbook to show your love journey in the past year

scrapbok anniversary gifts

Anniversary means that you two successfully dating for a year. Isn’t pretty awesome, right? If you are a new couple and it is the first anniversary, you can give your loved ones a scrapbook on a special day. In the scrapbook, you can arrange some memorable stories and photos to show how you guys went through the dating.

If you are not a creative person, you can buy a scrapbook that is already designed for a gift. This kind of scrapbook already provides the spots where you need to post the photos.

Mug as a gift for you who are a coffee and tea lovers

mug anniversary gifts

Maybe you like coffee and she likes tea. This difference will make the special day perfect. Buy a couple mugs for her as a gift and you can spend the anniversary having a coffee and tea together. It will be nice if you are not going to a coffee shop just this once.

A video with everyone congratulates the anniversary as a gift

A video can be one of the sweetest anniversary presents, you know. Record a congratulation expression from your close family and friends. Getting all of your close ones in the video will make it a very memorable gift.

Give your loved one a cute pet to celebrate the anniversary

cute pet anniversary gifts

Of course, this gift will work if he or she likes pets. Find a cute pet that she likes, maybe a kitten, puppy or smaller like a hamster. If it is taken care well, once it getting bigger, she will remember the anniversary. Isn’t it romantic?

Running shoes as a gift? Why not!

running shoes anniversary gifts

If he loves jogging and often participates in a marathon, you can give him running shoes. Get him good quality shoes so the shoes can last longer. Do not overdo it by buying the expensive one. Make sure you can afford it.

Or, if you are a runner too, you can go jogging with him. Having a sports activity together with the loved ones is proven can make our body more refreshing. It eventually will keep stress at bay. Besides, doing it together on the anniversary day is very romantic.

Instead of a flower, try a bucket of flowers as a gift

instead flower anniversary gifts

Giving a flower as a gift is very common. Try giving her a bucket of flower this time. Fill the bucket with many beautiful flowers and she will love it. You can put roses, but sometimes roses are too common. Find which flower that she likes and give her a bucket of it on the anniversary day. Lily can be a good choice beside roses.

Give her your own romantic song as a gift

If you are a singer, write her a romantic song for the anniversary. Sing the song at the anniversary and watch her eyes while you sing it. It will be very romantic. You can find the inspiration for the lyrics from your love story with her. Remember, not your love story with your exes like Taylor Swift’s. or the lyrics can be how you feel when you are with her.

Romantic Dinner

Romantic Diner anniversary gifts

Even though it is very mainstream, romantic dinner never fails to celebrate your special day with the loved one. You can make the dinner more challenging by doing something that you guys never do. For example, if you are always dining in a restaurant, try to dine in your or her house. Make it romantic candlelight dinner.

Another inspiration is you can cook for the dinner. It is up to you if you are the one who cooks or not. However, make sure that you are a pretty good cook because you don’t want to ruin the romantic dinner with your bad meal.

Give her a plant that she loves as a gift on the anniversary

plant anniversary gifts

Maybe you think that a bucket of flowers is too mainstream and you want to give something different, something more memorable. You can give her a plant that you have planted and taken care of. It is recommended to be a flower that she likes. Or you can give her a decorative plant. You should plan it long before the anniversary.

Find which plant that she likes and take a good care of it until the D-day. When you give it to her, decorate the flowerpot with ribbons so it will look like an actual gift. This gift will last longer than a bucket of flowers as it is actually well planted.

Those are some anniversary gifts inspirations that you can use. Make sure to pick one that matches your condition, financially. Give her the gift that she likes and you can afford it. Hopefully, the gift will make your love last forever. Good luck!