20+ Perfect Lego Tables Full Of Storages

Lego tables can be one of the most important things you have in a house, especially for a family who have kids that play Lego. Tipping on Lego all over the floor would be quite frustrating. Having a storage for Legos is very important in order to prevent the tipping. It could be dangerous for everyone.

One of the must-have furniture you need to have to organize or storage the Legos is A Lego table. There are a bunch of Table design that match the needs of well-organized lego. You’ll need the Lego tables that offer a lot of cabinet space and storage.

1. DIY LEGO Wall Storage Space by B-Inspired Mama

27. diy lego wall storage ideas for kids craft
diy lego wall storage ideas for kids craft

With a simple drape pole, you can make your own Lego storage. You can keep all the Lego in the hanging buckets and organize it by size or shape. As you can see, you can name the bucket based on what’s you’re gonna put in.

This DIY Lego storage on wall surface can be a great concept for your minimalist house. You have to find any possible space inside your house that would perfectly fit with wall surface storage.

2. IKEA Expedit Hack – Lego play House by IKEA Hackers

2. lego playhouse craft idea for kids

This Lego playhouse is built with IKEA Shelving. It’s simple and really easy to build. You can work together with your kids to build this for their Lego. The playhouse consists of four spaces. On the top of the house, there’s a soccer field that can also be used as a shelf.

You can let your kids put all of their Lego inside the box. The design of the box is the key to get your kids having fun while organizing it. For example, stick some lego posters in each space.

3. Coffee Table Reused as a Rockin’ Lego Table by Infarrantly Creative

diy lego table
diy lego table

Getting all the messy legos to be well-organized might become the great achievement that you’ll have in cleaning the house. In order to do that, you’ll need the right storage. If you couldn’t afford to buy a good quality of lego tables, you’re able to have a reused coffee table is the lego table.

Take a look at this lego table. It’s actually a parquet coffee table from the 80’s. If you have this kind of table in your house, this could definitely rock the lego. You may need some MDF, liquid nails, and a coat of paint. You’ll gonna have one remarkable place to show off the lego.

4. The Ultimate LEGO Table by Kojo Designs

26. the ultimate lego table for kids

You may call this the Ultimate Lego table for kids. This furniture for kids’ stuff is made with a basic IKEA table which costs only 8 dollars. On top of the table, the LEGO base plates are glued. It would let the kids play their lego on top of the table,

The Lego baseplates on top of the table might be quite usual. What makes this table more interesting and inspiring is the magnetic strip which is made of steel tins. The tins are attached to the side of the table.

5. Convert Your Train Table Into a LEGO Table by I Could Teach My Youngster

convert your train table into a lego table

Turning a train table in a Lego table is not an impossible task, of course. Some kids don’t love train so much, then the table would be unused for the train. Just make use it as the LEGO table. Don’t worry, it can still be used as train table too. It’s one table, two purposes.

Just glue the Lego base plates on to a piece of MDF. Then, cut the MDF to fit the table. The tabletop would be removable. So, you can just take the top off if your kids want to play with the trains. You don’t have to throw away their toys.

6. Mobile Lego Set for Little Travelers by Mother. Papa. Bubba.

If your kids travel a lot, you may need to give your kid’s Lego a portable kit. If they’re a Lego-lovers, this on-the-go storage would be very useful. It looks like a set of a lunchbox that your kids bring to school every day. It can be a fantastic little remedy for them.

7. Lego Play Table With Storage by Centsational Lady

21. lego play table with storage idea for kids
lego play table with storage idea for kids

IKEA has a functional table called IKEA LACK. It could be a nice and smart Lego table to organize the toy. There is one shelf under the table top which is ready to be placed in clear plastic storage bins. On top of the table, as usual, you’ll have a glued lego base.

This table is designed for a house that has a big collection of Legos. The plastic containers have to be bought separately.

8. Do It Yourself Lego Table By “A Little of This, A Little of That”.

22. diy lego table for kids
diy lego table for kids

A bigger Lego table is required when you are having a lot of more Lego to store. How about dinner table, there’ more space on top you could use for the Lego. It’s completed with some useful chairs that would complete the table.

This dinner table is pretty spacious which makes the Lego playing will be more fun and free. This table is called IKEA INGO table which is made of good quality wood that will satisfy you. Instead of dining and playing lego, this table is so multifunctional to be used for anything else.

9. Ways to Construct a LEGO Table by Children Activities

23. how to build a lego table craft idea for kids
how to build a lego table craft idea for kids

The inspiration comes from this popular website called Kids Activities Blog. It’s a full-height table that is perfect to construct your Lego in a much wider base. This is one of the great things to showcase your Lego.

10. Portable Lego Production Station by Instructables

17. portable lego creation station for kids
portable lego creation station for kids

From the wider and higher table to the small and portable Lego area. It’s designed for you kids who loves to place Lego in their room. The concept of development station for Lego looks playful for kids. The blue colors and the catchy carpet would give this portable station to be stood on its own.

This station is movable. You can just fold them up when it’s not used anymore. The folded station can be kept just like any storage container. It can be back to a Lego station when your kids are ready to back on duty.

11. Plastic Container Lego Table by Our Wee Household

24. plastic bin lego table ideas
plastic bin lego table ideas

It’s not actually a table at first. There are two plastic containers that consist of three drawers. Those two containers are used as the leg of the table. Then, the top base is attached permanently. That’s what makes this Lego table flexible and budget friendly.

You can move or set them all apart and get them back all together again when needed. Each drawer has wheels that would make it easy to move anywhere you want.

12. Lego Table: Miss Information by Miss Information

19. kids lego table craft idea
kids lego table craft idea

An ordinary coffee table could also be turned into a Lego Table just like this one. This able looks sturdy because of the wood quality that it has. Your kids would really enjoy their time building Lego on top of this black coffee table. The constructing baseplates need to be attached first.

13.Lego My Untidy LEGOS by The Ellis Family

15. lego my messy legos ideas for kids
lego my messy legos ideas for kids

As you can see this remarkable Lego table that would be ready to store All the Lego pieces you have. It offers a storage space service from the prominent IKEA TROFAST system of storage. On the top of the table, you’ll get a removable base instead of the one that uses a long-term adhesive.

Because of that, you could make use of this table for various other functions like playing other games instead of Lego.

14. DIY Lego Tray by Busy Creating Memories

16. kids craft idea diy lego tray
kids craft idea diy lego tray

This DIY Lego tray is actually a breakfast tray before it becomes a Lego table. It’s got a straightforward concept surface area. Your little kids would have with their Lego inside the tray. Even though it’s small and short, it looks portable and friendly to your kids.

The surface needs to be glued to Lego base to make this tray perfect for playing Lego. It’s once become a breakfast tray, but now it becomes a small Lego table, you can’t use it for the breakfast tray anymore.

15. DIY Lego table by Sun Scholar

18. diy lego table idea for kids crafts
diy lego table idea for kids crafts

The main material of this table is actually a table from IKEA. These IKEA TROFAST storage space units are combined with lidded boxes. If you have a large amount of Lego, you may need a bigger storage and table for it. So, this DIY Lego table would be one of the best options you’ve got.

It’s great for you who are looking for an extra irreversible Lego building that is also used as storage service. It’s a single furniture with a double function.

16. How to Make an Easy Lego Table by The Joys of Boys

14. how to make an easy lego table for kids
how to make an easy lego table for kids

For kids, playing Lego without a Lego structure table might be less exciting. So, you gotta have a table that is specifically used for playing Lego.

Some people don’t want to have a Lego table because there’s no space left in the house for a single table. Well, don’t worry about that, this is not a permanent Lego table. It’s easy to construct and easy to set apart. It’s very mobile and storable.

17. Mobile DIY Lego Table by Our Calm Planet

13 diy lego table from tv tray
diy lego table from tv tray

This mobile Lego table is a reused for folding TV tray. If you have an unused TV tray, you can make use it as a Lego table for your children’s toy. It would be a good play area for Lego. This table won’t any space in your house. You can even fold it when it’s not used.

18. Lego Table by Fussy Ape Service

12. lego table craft idea for kids
lego table craft idea for kids

You can transform your old boring furniture like into your child’s dream Lego play table. The unique design of the table looks catchy. The size is perfect for your kid. You can add a small basket as a container of the Lego.

19. Absence Kids’ Table for Lego by IKEA Hackers

2. lego playhouse craft idea for kids
lego playhouse craft idea for kids

There’s a storage space under the table which gives you a chance to have more Lego to support your Lego construction. The Lego baseplates on top of the table is a must-have item in Lego table. All the Lego pieces would be safe for the storage and will be well-constructed on its base plates.

20. Lego Storage Space and also Play Table from The Mommy Blog

lego storage and play table an easy ikea hack craft idea
lego storage and play table an easy ikea hack craft idea

Probably this table size is one of the largest on this list. It’s designed for two people that can play the Lego together. There’s two side that consists of container shelves and a chair. There’s only one table that is connected to each other.

This can be a perfect design for your kids’ playroom. Your kids could play together with their friends any time they want. They can build and construct their Lego land together.

21. DIY (Hideaway) Lego Tray by Thrifty Design Chick

diy hideaway lego tray craft idea for kids
diy hideaway lego tray craft idea for kids

All the mess from Lego can also be hidden beneath a cabinet. You can have the ability if you have this kind of excellent remedy. It’s made of thin wood which can be fit under the cabinet or couch. You could easily slide it under when your kids’ don’t use it anymore.

22. IKEA Side Table to Lego Table by The Journeys of Mr. No

ikea side table to lego table idea for kids
ikea side table to lego table idea for kids

This one is one of the cost-effective tables you can have a Lego table. It’s actually a side table from IKEA. It’s a great option for a small area you have in a room. This is perfect for your little boy in order to make him having fun with the Lego.

23. DIY IKEA TROFAST Lego Table by Boxy Colonial

kids craft diy ikea trofast lego table
kids craft diy ikea trofast lego table

This Lego table is inspired by Boxy Colonial website. It’s an outstanding solution to all of you who are having trouble tipping over a Lego piece a lot of time. An IKEA TROFAST table is so functional, it can be used for any kind of storage. It has a simple design and quite easy to set up.

24. Lego Table for The Floor by Interior Objective

lego table for the floor craft ideas for kida
lego table for the floor craft ideas for kida

This is the only Lego table concept without legs. It is mounted to rolling casters. The size is suitable to be kept under the bunk bed. This wide Lego table would let your kids having fun on the floor without messy Lego pieces all over the floor.


Playing Lego is really fun especially for kids or adult who loves Lego really much. But, it’s not gonna be fun when a person is tipping over the Lego you’ve played. So, making it well-organized like having Lego tables would be the right thing to do.

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