Why don’t you Use These Mandala Style Home Decor Ideas for Your Home?

Mandala style of decoration for your house is one of the latest interior design that is deserved to be in your home. Mandala which is also called mandala tapestry has the bohemian or hippie pattern which has become the trend in the 1960s.

Using mandala tapestry pattern in your home can turn it into a beautiful home with its beautiful ethnic motif decoration. Combining supportive colors makes the mandala tapestry as one of the perfect accessories for your room.

Mandala style inspirations for your home decor

mandala home decor

If you’re looking for the mandala inspirations, this article will give you some of beautiful decorations ideas with the mandala style. Let’s find out how to apply this mandala idea nicely for a cool and beautiful home.

Implement the mandala style will sweeten the small family room

Decorating the house reflects your personality as the owner and it goes the same to decorating the living room. If your family room is quite small, you can add a simple tapestry to express the artistic side that you have. For you who love the bohemian style, the beautiful mandala tapestry will be a great choice.

Also, do not forget to sweeten your room with unique wall decoration. Adding LED lights as a decor can also emerge cheerful atmosphere in the small room.

Mandala motif makes the family room feels warm & homely

Applying mandala motif on your house can make it more beautiful. One of them is by applying the mandala motif to a modern theme family room.

If the family room mostly features a modern theme, with a mandala motif as home decoration, the room will have distinctive characteristics that are different from other family room.

Make sure the size of this mandala motif looks proportional and does not collide with the existing eclectic style on the other furniture. This inspiration certainly convinces you further to apply the mandala tapestry as one of decorations that can match any interior.

Mandala wall stickers look good for home decoration

mandala home decor

Mandala sticker or wall art with mandala motif is one of decoration that is suitable for you who do not want to spend so much times arranging the decoration. Simply put it on the empty space in the living room or maybe behind the sofa.

Then, the mandala sticker will easily blend in with all of the themes, with the beauty of it still becomes the highlight. The motif and the color do not only look simpler, but also looks more modern. This mandala idea is absolutely cool, simple, modern and also convenience.

Beautiful mandala wallpaper can also be a good choice

Play with mandala wallpaper so you can upgrade the appearance of a family room to super charming. The mandala motif can emerge the elegant impression of the room and it is far from the traditional look.

Because of mandala decoration, you do not need many decorations or add some other home decorations as the compliment. However, remember that if you want to use mandala wallpaper, make sure the furniture in the neutral color.

Mandala mural to support industrial-style family room

mandala home decor

In this idea we are still playing on the wall as if it is your canvas and as the main decoration of the house. What you have to do is to paint the mural on wet cement walls. The motif and line of color should be so simple, so the chosen industrial style interior becomes more complete.

With a little of orange and yellow accents, the industrial style looks more elegant with the mural. Complete the wall decoration with minimalist furniture.

Mandala fabrics accents and ethnic home decorations

Another alternative to mandala decoration in the living room can be raised through the available main furniture. If you are applying a warm ethnic bohemian style, the family room should have a similar home decoration.

The mandala motif appears as a beautiful throw to adorn any large sofa. The color of mandala motif can make a family room dominated by monochromatic color look more alive. Complete this idea with soft yellow decorative lights to make the room more comfy for resting.

The Blue mandala with the stylish bohemian motif

mandala home decor

If you love a modern and dynamic room, you can still use mandala home decoration with style. You can design the family room with modern home decoration and use electric blue furniture. The key is to choose the furniture and decoration with a matching color palette.

Symmetrical home decoration with box mandala motif

One of the tricks to creating a comfortable family room, especially in the small one is by creating a family room with a special theme, for example, an antique theme. To apply this idea, place the mandala pattern beautifully on a fabric hanged right in the middle of the antique-style living room.

The color selection should be complementary, for example, red and dark brown that will give the impression of a classic, complement the antique style. In addition, sweeten the room with unique sofa cushions.

DIY decoration with knitted mandala

mandala home decor

If you find the happiness when showing your own home decoration design, it’s time to experiment with knitting decorations. For beautiful results, choose the main color as the focus of the decoration.
For example, choose two main colors like red and blue, which have been complemented with other colors as the accents.
To make the room more lively and warm, add a soft carpet as an additional home decoration. A carpet can make any room look spacious. If you choose a patterned rug, avoid putting too many decorations so it will not look full. You can also add small decorative plants too.

Mandala home decoration can also apply on the floor

If you are more experimentalist and want something different, try home this mandala motif decorating tips. The idea comes along with a carpet that carries the ethnic theme but has a simple and modern monochrome color. For you who like Scandinavian interior style, you can also use this kind of carpet.

Well, after you know these beautiful mandala tapestry home decor ideas, do you become more interested to apply them at your home?

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