Pleasing Gifts for Kids Wrapped in Lovely Wrappers

Gift is one of many ways to show our kids how much we love them. There are myriad ideas about the right gifts for kids, either boy or girl, but today we would love to share wrapping ideas instead of gift ideas. If the wrapping of gifts for kids is attractive, kids will be more enthusiastic and curious about what’s inside.

So let us start with the simplest wrapping idea: the penguin gifts. Doesn’t matter the shape of the gift box, either rectangular, square, or spherical, penguin wrapping idea will make the gift looks more cute and awesome. First of all we need to prepare the papers and tools to create penguin wrapping.

Simplest yet Cutest Penguin Gifts for Kids

penguin gift wrap – penguin gift wrap

Prepare matte paper in light grey color to wrap the gifts, peach colored matte paper to create the penguin snouts, white glossy paper for the faces of penguin, and black glossy paper for penguin’s eyes. Then get your scissor, glue, pen, and ruler ready. Once you get them gathered, wrap the entire gifts for kids using the light grey wrapping paper.

Then use your pen to draw circles on the white glossy paper to create penguin faces, adjust penguin faces’ size with the gifts’ size. Cut them carefully so you’ll get perfect sphere. Then draw smaller circles on black glossy papers, remember to adjust their size with penguin faces’ size. Cut those eyes then stick them on the faces using glue.

To create penguin snouts we need to make some rectangular prisms using peach colored matte paper. And then stick the snouts between penguin eyes but slightly below the eyes position. Now glue the penguin face on each gift for kids. If you want different animal wrapping for each kid, try more unique wrapping ideas below.

The A4 file is in .pdf format, you can download it by clicking here: Download Template

Easy Artistic Animal Gifts for Kids

diy giftwrap elephan – diy gift wrap elephan

Brown wrapping paper is the main material to prepare. The other things to prepare are black marker, colorful balloons, colorful pompoms, tape, and glue. Now wrap all gifts with brown wrapping paper. Then draw some standing elephants on some gifts using black marker. Use the balloons as elephants’ face. Draw eyes on each balloon, the long section of balloon will be elephant’s trunk.

Glue the balloon on brown wrapped gifts between elephant’s ears with the long section facing down. Once we’re done with the elephants, let’s move on to mice themed gifts. Materials for mice themed gift are same as the ones we use for elephant themed gifts, except the balloon. Replace balloons with pastel pink colored matte paper.

After wrapping the gift using brown wrapping paper, draw mouse face on front part. Then cut the pastel pink paper into two triangles and one ribbon. Glue the pink ribbon under the face of the mouse and two pink triangles on the top of the gift, above the mouse’s face. You can also draw cat, bear, and tiger on brown wrapped gifts.

Have a look at this video and discover how to creatively wrap your presents.

Lovely Unicorn Gifts for Kids with Specific Details

animals gift wrap – animals gift wrap

Girls typically love something cute and sweet like unicorn, so let us surprise her with lovely unicorn gift. First, use baby pink paper to wrap her gift. Next, use gold colored marker to draw the eyelashes of unicorn on the baby pink wrapper (unicorn with closed eyes look even more beautiful). Then take a blank paper where you will create unicorn’s ears.

Draw unicorn’s ears on that blank paper then color them using pink colored pencil. Cut them but add some space under the ears drawing then glue the ears on top of her pink wrapped gift. Now create unicorn horn from gold paper or blank paper you block using gold marker. Glue the horn between unicorn’s ears.

Unicorn looks lovely because of its hair or mane. Use curly and colorful ribbons for the mane of her unicorn gift. Stick the ribbons to the gift behind unicorn’s horn. Finally, embellish the beautiful unicorn by sticking some flowers in front of one ear. Those flowers, either dried flowers or paper flowers, enhance the femininity of the gift. She’ll love it!

Expressive Gifts for Kids to Enliven the Moment

emoji gift wrap – emoji gift wrap

Messaging app can be unique source to wrap your gifts in special way. Open any messaging app you love then check the emoticons, use emoticons as gift theme for your kids. Use yellow wrapping papers to wrap all gifts for your kids. Then add different emoticon for each gift. There are two ways to bring out the emoticons of your messaging app and deliver them to your gifts.

First way is printing the emoticon on papers, cutting the emoticon, and then sticking the emoticon on yellow wrapped gifts. This way will make your gifts look exactly the same as app’s emoticon. Second way is drawing each emoticon carefully using colorful markers. If you choose the second way, you better be careful so you can deliver each expression appropriately.

Arousing Curiosity by Attractive Wrapping of Gifts for Kids

animals gift wrap – animals gift wrap

If you often reward your kids, you definitely need fresh ideas about wrapping the gifts so you’ll know how to make each gift special and interesting. Just as clothes adorning our look, beautiful wrapping beautifies our gifts and make them more meaningful. Try each idea we share here for each different moment so you’ll always have new wrapping idea for every moment.

Distinguish the gift for your boys and girls by wrapping them in different theme. Pick feminine wrapping ideas like unicorn gift, emoticon kiss gift, or cute mice gift for the girls. Then wrap boys’ gifts in more manly wrapping ideas like dinosaur, tiger, funny emoticon, shark, or Mr. Dog wrapping. Why don’t we wrap all gifts using the same patterned wrapping gifts? It is way simpler.

Your boys and girls will recognize the gifts belong to them once they see the different gift wrappings. So, instead of asking the employee of toy store to wrap your gifts, why don’t you try the new ways of wrapping gift we’ve shared here? Then teach your kids the steps so they can wrap their own gifts and impress their friends one day.

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