Assorted Wondrous Gift in a Jar for Everyone

Nobody doesn’t love gift, even the smallest and simplest one will make us smile happily. But it is not fair to expect gifts from the others without giving back. Everybody deserves to be happy, and we have a role to draw a smile on their face through the gifts we share. Gift in a jar is one simple but cool idea to share happiness to our loved ones.

Speaking about giving gift in a jar, below are ideas about things we can give inside a jar and how to ‘wrap’ the jar so it won’t look too simple or naked. Let us start with what to put inside the jar. Before deciding what should be inside the jar, think about who will get that gift in a jar.

The Right Gift in a Jar for Him

recipe cranberry orange jelly gift jar – gift for her

A jar full of sweet stuff may be a terrible gift for a man, who knows he evidently is a diabetic? Know the recipient of your gift so you’ll figure out what to be placed in the jar. I asked some guy friends in different age ranges about what gift they expect from the others. Their answer depends on their age.

If you’re about to give a gift in a jar to a grown man, you better get something that’s more functional than the attractive one. A jar contains a beautiful watch will be glorious treasure for him. But if you see him wearing a watch already and you don’t think it is a good gift for him, try another idea below.

Another guy I asked told me liqueur is his passion. If the guy you’re about to reward has the same passion, transform the jar into mini bar. Gather some small bottles that fit inside the jar you’ll give to him – if possible collect bottles in assorted shapes. Fill each small bottle with different kind of liqueur. Those liqueurs in a jar will be unique gift for him.

A younger man told me he always wants something he can display on the wall or desk instead of something he needs to carry everywhere. For this kind of guy, wristwatch is definitely not a good idea. The jar itself is displayable, so you only need to fill it with something cool for him to display on his desk or shelf.

An old photo of you and him, his favorite quote you write yourself on a parchment, or the first thing he gave to you when you first met him will be a meaningful decoration for his private office and a thing that will arouse everybody’s curiosity. When he explains what it is to his friend, he’ll always remember you.

Adorable Gift in a Jar for Her

gift in a jar – gift in a jar

Unlike guys, most girls don’t change as they grow up. Yet, you need to know her before handing a gift in a jar for her. Does she love something functional? Does appearance matter for her? Is she feminine or tomboy? A jar full of colorful nail polishes is so cute but they’ll dry out in a tomboy’s room.

Nail polishes, hair accessories, and cute sewing tools are excellent gift in a jar for girls who love functional gifts. Girls love sweets. I know that because I’m one of them. So a jar full of sweets or chocolate will never go wrong. The other lovely things in a jar are dried fruits and dried flowers; pick one she loves the most.

There are two ways to give dried fruits or dried flowers in a jar. First, fill a jar with one kind of dried flower or dried fruit. Next time you want to give her something, send another jar with another kind of dried flower or dried fruit. She’ll build her collection when you send her the other jars with other dried flower or dried fruit inside.

Second, mix some different types of dried flowers or dried fruits in one jar. Place the dried fruits or dried flowers in layers inside the jar. Dried flowers in a jar are lovely gift for feminine ones who have lots of stuffs with flower motif. They’ll display that gift proudly where people can see it easily. Dried fruits in a jar suit them who love eating.

Gorgeous ‘Wraps’ for Gift in a Jar

wrap gift in a jar – wrap gift in a jar

Do you want to cover the entire jar so no one can see what’s inside? Or will you let the gift sneak a peek from the jar? If you prefer the first choice, try painting the whole jar instead of wrapping the jar using wrapping paper. Paint will block the entire glass. This idea is perfect if you want to surprise him or her.

Or, write your letter on a paper that’s big enough to cover the jar. Stick the paper outside the jar with your writing facing outside. When she/he gets the gift in a jar, the letter will be the first she/he sees. This is a romantic wrapping idea that’s brilliant if she/he is a romantic person. Scroll down if you prefer the second wrapping way.

Ribbon on the neck of jar, under the lid is most common ‘wrapping’ idea for gift in a jar. Ribbon on top, that’s sticking on jar’s lid is the second common idea. Try something new like sticking paper with printed quote around the jar’s body. Or write the quote you love manually then stick it on the jar. Quote isn’t like letter; it won’t hide what’s inside the jar.

The wrapping is not the matter, but what inside is. So don’t mind what’s outside the jar because she/he will love whatever you share inside the jar. But, if you want the jar displayable, printing the quote directly on the jar is awesome idea. She/he would love to display it on the shelf or desk with or without filling.

So, what comes to your mind when you’re thinking about giving something in a jar? Hope everything you found here will lead you to find the right gift in a jar for each person you love. Always keep in your mind that each person deserves something special, it helps you finding the right gift for the right person.

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