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25 Well-Themed Gift Basket Ideas for Any Ocassion

A gift basket is one of the most used media in giving presents. Whether it’s a birthday gift, anniversary, or any occasion, a basket seems to be used anytime. It could be a remarkable choice to obtain someone for a gift.

Well, on this page, there will be a lot of fresh ideas for you who wants to get inspiration. You can actually buy some premade gift baskets, but they may be too pricey. You can also save your money by making it yourself. Here are some outstanding ideas for a DIY gift basket to trigger your ideas.

1. New Mama DIY Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets

Preparing a present for a brand-new mom good friend would be stressful. You don’t have to face the stressing part if you already choose to have a gift basket for the present, it would be a fantastic idea. Locate a little “me” time focusing on her.

It would be pleasing to her having a friend that consider about her. This New mama DIY gift basket should be filled with “Mama” things. Well, it’s okay caring for the baby, but it would be better to have a little bit different focus by considering the new mother.

2. Gender Neutral Newborn Gift Basket

The moms and dads will definitely be bewildered with all the gifts at the child shower occasion. So, you may need to something thoughtful and different to them as a “welcome baby” present. This gift basket will be very special and impressive for them.

3. Hello World – New Child Basket

Diy Gift Baskets

Welcoming a brand-new child into the family is considered as one of the largest occasions in people’s personal life. Preparing a pleasing gift basket for the brand-new child will essentially mean a lot to the parents.

Packaging it with a cute gift basket would very interesting and pleasant. It also would give an extra-individual feeling for the parents. They will be impressed with this catchy idea of this fun DIY gift basket.

4. Welcome Baby Gift Box

Welcome Baby Gift Basket Box

The simple concept of this cute packaging for a baby gift will certainly be enjoyed by everyone. You won’t need a basket, just one box with a handpainted child’s name on it. You can fill it up with all cute presents you have in mind.

The box is very functional, it could also be repurposed into nursery storage. You can draw the name of the child on the box by yourself using a paint pen. Feel free.

5. Summertime Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

You know what people love about gift baskets? They love them when the baskets are packaged up creatively which makes it more like presents rather than just an actual basket. Check out this innovative gift basket for hostess gift in the summer season.

You can include a low-cost glass pitcher inside the basket. It’s probably low-cost but it looks chic and fancy.

6. Breakfast Hostess Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

This is a less expensive option for a breakfast-themed gift basket. It can be made of unused media you have in your house. For example, this gift basket is filled with homemade banana bread and honey butter. These simple gift products are looking much more interesting.

Complete the looks with a linen napkin, as well as some coffee beans to balance the decoration. This cute gift basket design is quite thoughtful. It’s also simple and easy to make.

7. Sangria Gift “Basket”

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

This basket could be a good idea for your DIY gift basket. As you can see, it’s packed in trendy glass drink dispenser. That would be so useful to complete your kitchen. This is a unique idea for your gift basket but it might cost more money, you should prepare for it.

8. DIY Health Facility Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

A Day Spa Gift Basket you received when you visit a spa to have its service can be your inspiration too. One of the most used basket in the spa is the one with hexagonal timber box. Some of them put a pleasing free/discount spa cards inside the box.

That’s some people love the most about spa gift basket. Well, you can get inspired by the design and the concept of health facility gift basket to give your friends or relatives on their special day.

9. Mini DIY Spa Set

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

The mini version of spa gift basket would also be a nice and less expensive idea for your gift. You might always see a lot of cool DIY appeal jobs on a website that is filled with bath salts, face masks, and lip scrubs.

This is one of the ideal options if you want to give an outstanding present but less expensive. The fashionable looking present can be made by yourself at home. You can also but the premade version with a reasonable price.

10. Sunlight DIY Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

Why have a name “sunlight”? As you can see, the color is yellow. That bright color represents the sun. All the products have a yellow color which is in tune with one another.

This lovely yellow-themed gift basket is called “The Box of Sunshine”. The color of yellow offers the energetic feelings and mood booster for anyone who receives this gift.

11. Bridal Shower Gift “Basket”

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

A present for a bridal shower needs to be considered as important. You may want to offer something sensible for the gift at the bridal shower but giving the generic box with usual stuff like kitchen tools or crockpot won’t be very special and impressive for her.

If you want to make a special gift for your close friend, you may need to different and unique. Having one home appliance to be the basket of the gift might be one of the most memorable ideas you’ve got for a bridal shower. You can fill it up with utensils, a recipe book, utensils, linens, etc.

12. Perfect Pair Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

This unique wedding shower gift basket is designed with perfect pairs. The basket is filled with a lot of different things like a knife, cutting board, salt shaker, pepper shaker, small bowl, and handwear covers. You can also be creative in deciding what another utensil to put in.

The design is practical and creative, the combination of green and white colors would attract every eye. All of the items are used which make this kind of basket become a favorite.

13. Pastel DIY Recover Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

The pasty color might be one of the most popular colors for girls. So, having a pastel concept for your gift basket would be a perfect present for your friend’s bridal shower. It can also be for other occasions like a baby shower or even a birthday gift.

Focusing on gift basket design for visiting unhealthy relatives or friends. The pastel-themed which is colored in pink would set their mood good, it will also make them feel loved.

14. DIY Heal Kit

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

For your good friends who are feeling unhealthy, these DIY recover gift basket would mean a lot to them. They will recognize that you are thinking about them. It’s less expensive and easy to make. The small gift doesn’t make them feel unimportant, whereas this creative recover gift will up their spirit to be healthy again.

15. Gardener DIY Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

If you are into gardening, you might love to receive this as a gift from friends on your special day. It’s an also a good idea of products to give to the gardener. The gardener we are talking about here is not the professional gardener, it’s the member of the family or friends who love gardening, such as grandpa, your dad, your mother, your uncle, and many more.

For you mom, this Gardiner DIY Gift Basket will be a perfect gift for mother’s day. You can just put it in a planter box, then add in some horticulture products and veggie seeds. Then, add in a personal letter or card that says anything you want for your loved ones.

16. 16th Birthday Celebration New Vehicle Driver

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

When a member of the family finally get his driver license and the birthday is approaching, it’s time to prepare a special gift relating to the achievement. Generally, people get a driver license at the age of 16th. So, this gift basket would probably do the work.

This remarkable gift basket is ideal for a birthday celebration for a new driver. The designer was so clever in deciding the concept and products. It’s all stocked with vehicle cleaner products or you can stock it up with the emergency box for the car.

17. End of Year Instructor Appreciation Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

This gift basket design is created for appreciating the end of year teacher gratitude. You can add the writing just like in the picture that says “All year you have worked hard to make learning fun!, So now it is your turn to relax in the sun”. That would be very touching and mean a lot to the teacher.

Them in the gift basket is summertime. Your teacher can be relaxed with this supportive products in the summer. The products such as a magazine, water bottle, tote, and other fun rewards would make a great gift for your teacher.

18. DIY Back to Institution Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

A back to school theme can be an easy one to choose as a birthday gift. You can create a gift basket which is full of school supplies that would support the next school activities. The design of the product can be cute. It depends on the receiver.

A colorful set of school supplies would make a good appearance to the gift basket. I guess it’s a perfect gift for a daughter or teenage girl.

19. Enjoyable DIY Housewarming Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

This kind of gift basket is used for Housewarming. Let’s not make it complicated, just make it simple and easy to make. As you can see, it contains a lot of useful things that can be enjoyed by the house owners. It’s just cost you less than 50 dollars.

20. Welcome Next-Door Neighbor Gift Basket with Free Printable

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

A new neighbor is coming, it’s time to say hello and give an impressive presentation to welcome them to the neighborhood. It’s a polite tradition that we should preserve. It’s an outstanding concept for housewarming gift basket that you can set up any time you have a new neighbor.

Placing some useful items like a roll of paper, recipe scrubber, towels, etc. It’s really a warm welcome from you to your new neighbor in order to set up a good relationship.

21. Welcome Neighbor Homemade Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

This lovable DIY gift basket is gonna be a good “welcome next-door neighbor” present. Everything about it is lovely, the charming container is really doing a good work. It’s a perfect way to say hi politely and warmly to the neighbor.

22. New Neighbor Gift Basket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

Another gift basket for brand-new neighbors. This simple basket can carry some iconic stuff that will be useful at certain times. There’s a chance for your the neighbor to get to know more about you without even bother asking to you directly.

Just place in some cards or letter that contains a lot of information about you and your family. That would be very thoughtful and make them easy to know you and next time they will come to visit too.

23. Practical & Cute Housewarming Bucket

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

This gift basket has a rustic design that would be perfect for the neighbor that’s just moved in into a brand new house next door. Everything that contains in this bucket would come in handy. It’s very thoughtful and appreciative of them.

This would be a good idea to start a good relationship with your neighbor and warmingly welcome them to the new neighborhood.

24. Farmhouse Themed DIY Gift Box

Diy Gift Baskets Ideas

Some house decoration device would be the great items to be placed in the gift box for your new neighbor. It’s got a queen of farmhouse style as a theme. It will be very useful for the new homeowners because sometimes you just don’t have time to decorate anything and you are just focusing on the bigger picture.

25. Festive Loss DIY Gift Basket

diy gift baskets ideas

This charming fall-themed DIY Gift basket is perfect for festive loss. It’s very easy to make and also cost-effective. It’s got some adorable labels and caramel sauce jar to complete the fall theme. Thanksgiving is approaching, this gift basket design would do the work too.


All of the design for the gift basket would be great inspirations for you. You have to decide the theme of your design which is depending on the occasion. All of those ideas are easy to make because it’s labeled as DIY.

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