What to Know About Creating DIY Paper Craft for Nursery

Most parents block their nursery walls with cute wallpapers while other parents decide to paint nursery walls with soft colors. DIY paper craft actually is a beautiful ornament to embellish nursery and a lovely alternative for wallpaper. Before preparing materials to create do-it-yourself paper craft, you should know types of paper to make paper crafts so you won’t get wrong paper to beautify your nursery.

Unique Papers for Assorted DIY Paper Craft

First paper used to create do-it-yourself paper craft for nursery is gold foil paper. Compared to other types of paper, gold foil is thicker and has glossier surface. To make paper craft from gold foil paper, you need to cut the paper first. Be really careful in folding gold foil paper since any crease you make will leave a trace. You will never fix the trace left by crease.

Washi is another paper parents can use to make paper craft. Washi is Japanese origami paper that’s totally different from gold foil paper. Washi is extremely thin and its surface is a bit rough. Yet, washi has awesome quality and it comes in unique colors. Typically, washi is used to make washi dolls. Since washi is handmade, no wonder that it is expensive and rare.

There’s also corrugated paper or pleated paper that was found around 19th century. At first people used corrugated paper to make hat. Since pleated paper has pads that are able to prevent impacts from, people started using pleated paper to wrap fragile stuffs like glass and lightbulbs. Today parents can use pleated paper as material of do-it-yourself paper craft like scrapbook and greeting cards.

Gallery Wall from DIY Paper Craft

Paper allows us to create many things, including photo frame. Photo frames from paper are brilliant ideas for nursery since those frames won’t harm baby when they fall from the wall or desk over the baby. Main material for paper photo frames is thick paper and/or doubled paper. Use doubled paper or thick paper as the back part of photo frame that holds baby’s photo.

For the front part of paper photo frame, stick small paper rolls around baby’s photo. Before sticking small paper rolls, you must adjust both displayer and paper rolls with the frame you want to make. For the rolls, use colorful decorative papers that help creating gorgeous paper photo frame. Get the other materials like cardboard, scissor, glue, knife or cutter, and photo. Cut the cardboard first.

Cut two pieces of cardboard with 5 centimeters extra widths around the photo of your baby. Then cut a piece of cardboard right in the middle where you’ll display the photo. Make sure it fits for your baby’s photo. Next, stick the photo between both pieces of cardboard. Make a photo buffer also from cardboard (if it belongs to a desk). Now, prepare the colorful paper rolls.

Roll up your colorful decorative papers in exactly same small rolls but in assorted lengths. Stick those small rolls to the cardboard around your baby’s photo by the help of glue. Make some other paper photo frames then hang some on nursery wall and place the rest on the table in your nursery. When your baby becomes toddler, teach her/him to make do-it-yourself paper photo frame and be creative.

Fabulous Flower Vase DIY Paper Craft

Making flower vase from papers is not so complicated. Prepare a plastic bottle, rope, decorative papers, scrap paper, glue, scissor, and cutter first. Then use cutter to cut plastic bottle right in the middle. Roll your scrap papers then leave them but keep them rolled up. Now rub the glue to the outside of plastic bottle. Stick the rolled scrap papers on your plastic bottle.

When you’re done covering half of plastic bottle with rolled scrap paper continue cutting the excess paper according to the height of the bottle. Then continue covering plastic bottle using the rest rolled scrap paper. Make your flower vase looks more fabulous by covering the rolled scrap paper with rolled decorative paper. Use a rope as the final ornament surrounding your decorative papers.

Fill the flower vase with artificial flowers if you don’t want fresh plant destroying your flower vase which is full of paper. You can also make paper flowers from colorful flowers then put them inside your paper flower vase. This combination turns to safe and sophisticated decoration for nursery. Since the nursery has flowers – even though just paper flowers – let us bring in the butterflies.

DIY Paper Craft Perching on the Wall

Lovely butterflies are not only good to complement gift wrapper, photo frame, and diary but also excellent to beautify nursery walls. Get some origamis in assorted colors, pencil, ruler, scissor, rope, and ribbons in various colors first. Next, draw the butterflies using ruler and pencil on the origamis as much as you want. Then cut the origamis following the butterfly pattern you draw.

Now, fold the origami forward and backward. Then tie the center of origami tightly using a strong rope so that it won’t be detached. Spread the wings of butterflies from the fold or crease. When you’re done creating all butterflies from the entire origami you’ve prepared, stick them to the walls of nursery. When you let the window opened and the wind comes in, the butterflies will look real.

Though flowers and butterflies are identical with girls, those do-it-yourself paper craft ideas are awesome decoration for nursery where your baby boy spends most time in it. Besides, those decorations are made from papers that are safe for both baby girl and boy. Instead of purchasing pricey nursery decoration, you should try making your own paper craft that beautifies nursery without hurting your baby.

Do-it-yourself paper craft in more manly options like birds, stars, and hot air balloon hung on nursery ceiling is perfect for both baby boy and girl. Try to make assorted paper crafts using colorful papers for desk, ceiling, and walls of nursery. They’ll add colors to the room and make the room feels more alive.

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