Inexpensive but Incredible DIY Gift with Minimal Supplies

Holidays are always special. It is when our family gathers together and when we spend more quality time with them. Holidays will be more fun with gifts. No, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your cash to get pricey gifts since we’re talking about DIY gift. Don’t worry; we have enough ideas about do-it-yourself gifts for the whole family. Check them out below.

Colorful DIY Gift Marble Mugs

diy marble mug – diy marble mug

Have some blank white mugs? I agreed that they look boring. But now no more, thanks to nail polishes and their beautiful colors. Now gather your

  1. white ceramic mugs
  2. warm water
  3. nail polishes in your favorite colors

To create do-it-yourself marble mugs follow the steps below:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water, make sure you pick bowl that’s big enough which you can dip your mug in it.
  2. Add some drops of nail polish into the warm water. Use toothpick to flatten the nail polish on the surface of warm water.
  3. Take your white mug and dip it in your warm water. You’ll see the nail polish is sticking on the mug. Wait for few seconds to let the nail polish sticks properly to your white mug.
  4. Now take it out and let the mug dry.

If there are few mugs and you want different marble color on each mug, you only need to replace the warm water with the clean one then add some drops of different color of nail polish. Repeat the steps above with different nail polish color. You will not only get different color on each mug but also unique motif for every single mug.

Once you add nail polish to warm water, you better dip your mug immediately since some brands of nail polish dry truly quickly on the water. When you take the mug out of warm water and you dislike the marble motif it gets, don’t panic but rinse it using warm water. The flowing warm water helps removing the motif only if you rinse it before the nail polish dries.

When giving these DIY gift marble mugs to anyone, tell them not to wash the mugs in dishwasher if they want the motif stays longer. Remind them to wash the mugs manually so their beautiful mugs won’t turn back to blank white mugs with their boring look. You can give them card with your pretty words inside and reminder along with the mugs so they won’t forget the rule.

Simple yet Stunning DIY Gift Idea

sharpie mark pen diy mug – sharpie mark pen diy mug

Blank white mug is a flawless canvas, but what if there’s no more ceramic white mug at home? Use plain mugs in any color then. Make those plain mugs look stunning by drawing or writing on them, using sharpie markers. Sharpie markers are much better than other markers since they’re more permanent. Use white sharpie marker to draw doodle on black ceramic mug, it will be awesome for kids.

And for red ceramic mug, use blue sharpie marker to write a name or quote on it. Green sharpie marker is cool alternative if you don’t have the blue one. Gold colored quote written using gold sharpie pen on the blue ceramic mug makes the mug look glorious. For green ceramic mug, use combination of black and blue sharpie markers to draw something on it.

When you finish drawing and writing on your ceramic mugs, put them inside the oven, and bake it for thirty minutes at 350 degrees. Baking them together is better and faster than baking them one by one. Wait for few minutes to let them cool before pulling them out of the oven. Now you’re ready to wrap them and hand them to your loved ones when they visit on holiday.

Classy DIY Gift with Gold Polka Dot

classy diy gift with gold polka dot – classy diy gift with gold polka dot

Another holiday gift giving idea is still about blank white mug. Prepare these materials first:

  1. White ceramic mug
  2. Sharpie pen or marker, the oil based ones. Why oil based sharpie pen or marker? The only reason is the water won’t remove it easily.

Now follow these to get the classy polka dot mug:

  1. Use the sharpie marker to draw polka dot in any size you want, either in same or different size, depends on your desire. Write something on the handle of mug if you want to.
  2. When you’re done, put the mug inside the oven then heat the oven at 350 degrees, wait for thirty minutes.

There it is; your new classy mug is ready to use. It is a brilliant gift especially for ladies since the gold colored sharpie is identical with girls. Wrap it using clear plastic and it will look so cute. That gold polka dot mug is ready to complement morning coffee.

Stylish Glass and Gold DIY Gift

stylish glass and gold diy gift – stylish glass and gold diy gift

Clear glasses are alternative for ceramic mugs in case of creating stylish do-it-yourself gift. Collect all your glasses, the clear ones that have no print. Next, use gold and silver sharpie markers to draw or write on clear glasses. You need to make them look appealing, so start drawing and writing from the bottom of glasses and stop at the middle, not at top of glasses.

Explore your creativity by drawing on a glass using gold sharpie marker, writing on another glass using silver sharpie marker, and use both colors of sharpie markers on the next glass. To get classy look on each glass, don’t draw and write too much. Don’t use same design on two glasses so you won’t remove the do-it-yourself style.

As always, bake the glasses at 350 degrees in your oven for thirty minutes. Let them stay in your oven until they chill. Pull them out and they’ll be ready to serve juices or liqueur during the holiday season when everyone comes. You can also fill them with sweets or chocolate then wrap them using clear plastic and give them as holiday souvenir or gift.

Can you see that limited budget won’t block you from getting creative? Actually, all you need to create the entire do-it-yourself gifts above is just mugs, glasses, nail polish, warm water, sharpie markers, and an oven. There’s no need to spend a single penny to make them, nail polish and sharpie markers can now be found at most homes. Don’t give up in exploring your creativity.

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