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20+ Attractive DIY Firepit Ideas

Some DIY firepit ideas will be needed when it’s time to prepare for the summer. If you have some space in your backyard, installing a firepit will complete your summer party. You can hold some occasion to be enjoyed by friends, relatives, or family.

You can use the firepit for preparing food over an open fire. Besides, you can just use it for cuddling up to warm up your night while drinking beers with your friends. Firepit will be an awesome addition to the back of the house.

Here are 23 attractive DIY firepit ideas you may wanna explore to inspire your backyard setups.

1. Easy DIY Round Rock Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

For a circularly designed firepit, you may wanna follow the steps in the picture. Follow it carefully and pay attention to the detail. You are about to make a smaller and circular shape of the firepit. Form a proper position for all of the blocks in order to prevent breaking down.

All of the materials should be well-prepared. The quality of the material would decide the strength and durability of the firepit. One thing for sure, this round rock firepit is easy to build.

2. Stone Firepit with Half Wall Surface

Diy Firepit Ideas Cgrantham

This kind of firepit will fit in any style of decoration in your backyard. Whatever theme you choose for your backyard party, this stone firepit will be suitable. It looks extremely neat and well-formed.

Exceptionally, this firepit is very easy to make and it’ll make an ideal method to complete your outdoor space. It’s got a half wall surface and a pile of rock bricks, some concrete or sturdy glue.

3. $75 DIY Firepit and Bench

Diy Firepit Ideas

Completed with a bench, this firepit has become one of the most popular DIY firepit ideas for your backyard. Its affordability is the highlight of this design. With only 75 bucks, you could build a useful firepit right in your backyard. It’s only needed a few concrete pieces.

Chairs and benches around it will make this simple firepit complete. Installing ceramic tile around the area would create the firepit to look more in sync. Then, it will be ready to welcome your guests to enjoy a great backyard outing.

4. $50 Concrete Tree Ring Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

This firepit has a concrete tree ring concept. This type of concept will create a fantastic design of a firepit. You can create it by stacking two or more tree rings on the top of each other. For the inside, you can make a smaller circle by using some smaller concrete rings.

In between both of the rings, you can put some stones in order to make it look even more attractive. It also provided an excellent touch to the appearance.

5. Gas Grill Set in Blocks and Stones

Diy Firepit Ideas

For a more creative and pasty-colored design, you can go with this firepit. In order to get this decorative look, you will need two different colors of the concrete blocks. Arrange them just like you see in the picture for an attractive firepit design.

The color choice is the key to this firepit design. In between the blocks, you can add some stones to get a better look.

6. Repurposed Laundering Maker Drum Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

The concept of recycling is applied in this well-designed firepit. It’s made of a washing drum from an old washing machine. If you have an unused or broken washing machine, you can take off the washing drum and use it as you nifty little fire pit.

By following some simple steps in a tutorial, you will have a small and unique form of the firepit. You don’t need a concrete block to create a firepit, from this simple metal drum, you could get a firepit you need in your backyard.

7. Straightforward $60 DIY Rock Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

The key to building a Rock firepit with only 60 bucks is to keep it simple. You could actually build a three-tier fire pit without even bother to waste a lot of budgets. Start it by making a circle with the cinder blocks and the inner base needs to be covered totally.

The blocks need to be piled up into three tiers. It’s done in order to keep them all safeguarded. They don’t fall over easily because of that.

8. Easy DIY Concrete Firepit Tutorial

Diy Firepit Ideas

Base level firepits are incredibly elegant and also simple making. They look like they have actually been properly done, even though nearly any person can draw this off promptly. You will certainly have to establish the base of the pit slightly deeper into the ground, so make certain that your surface area suffices enough to handle the depth.

9. Super Easy Stacked Rock Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

One of the easiest DIY firepit ideas is this stacked rock firepit. It’s easy because you just need to stack them all up. For the backyard that has sloppy and sandy ground, you could just dig a hole and locate some huge stones around the hole.

It can be your temporary firepit in the backyard. When you don’t need it anymore you can just unstack and move them all from your backyard. As long as you want it temporary, you won’t need to use concrete to form them.

10. DIY Round Brick Firepit Tutorial

Diy Firepit Ideas

For a grass-based backyard, this will be a good choice for the firepit. You can conveniently convert a small area to be a firepit. Just dig a hole which the size is according to the height of the firepit your design. With some cinder blocks and stones, you could form a simple and attractive design of round brick firepit.

Instead of stones, you can add pebbles in order to make the firepit to be more attractive. This small and simple cinder-blocked fire pit is ready to complete the fun in your backyard.

11. Upcycled Truck Wheel and Rock Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

For automotive lovers, you may love this catchy firepit design. It’s made of an old truck tire. If you have extra or unused truck tire in your home, you could make use of the inner part of the tire as the firepit’s base.

First of all, the external rubber needs to be taken off, you will only need the veg. The rubber part will be burned easily. That’s why you won’t need it for the firepit. Otherwise, it would burn the whole firepit.

12. Super Easy Concrete Block Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

This simple firepit only consists of cinder bricks. It is actually a great product for building a firepit in your backyard. You can just pile them up on top of each other neatly into a form of rectangular or square framework. Complete it with roasting steel grill to get your ready for a barbeque party.

13. DIY Steel as well as Rock Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

One of the great additional material you could attach around the bricks is steel. You could make use of the steel to earn a fire pit. Some steel sheets can be developed swiftly into two structures. For the external edge, you need to choose one slightly larger steel.

The bricks of large rocks could be installed between the steel structure to create a perfect framework for your backyard’s firepit.

14. Basic DIY Round Stone Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

Making use of bricks you have in your warehouse would be the simplest way to get your own firepit. The shape and the design of the pit would be based on your style. The most usual design of the firepit is circular.

After you have the right form, you can fill up the inner part with stones. Then, close the hole with barbeque grill you are gonna use to do barbequing. Make sure the grill is big enough to cover the whole part in order to prevent dropping within.

15. Construct Your Own Concrete Block Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

One of the greatest options of fire pit materials is hollowed concrete blocks. This kind of blocks would fit really well in your backyard. Just pile them all up on top of each other. Then, fill the hollow part of the blocks with gravel and smaller rocks.

There you have it, a simple and impressive firepit for your backyard. You can burn the woods inside the big hollow that is formed by the concrete blocks.

16. Fancy Brick Firepit with Benches

Diy Firepit Ideas

Wanna try anything fancy? Well, this could be a great choice to start with. This fancy brick firepit will fulfill your luxurious and antique house. This design is completed with benches which makes a perfect setting for your backyard.

Most of the DIY firepit ideas are dull and unappealing. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can be a little bit creative to decide which you are going to go with the design. You can choose to have an even more detailed design of firepit like this one.

17. Square Concrete and Stone Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

In order to build a square fire pit, there are few techniques you may need to know about. You are gonna need concrete blocks and concrete mix. You can start it up by laying out the spot of the firepit. You can pile the two to three tiers of blocks to get the proper square for your firepit.

18. DIY Round Firepit with Back

Diy Firepit Ideas

There’s another form of firepit you could select instead of usual square or round. This is for you who want to have a something unique for your backyard centerpiece, this teardrop-shaped firepit. This is pretty rare in people’s backyard. Your outdoor space would be more interesting with it.

In order to build this, you need to be careful and focus on positioning the blocks. With a lot of effort and focus, you will get the ideal shape of that tear-shaped fire pit.

19. Easy Stone and also Block Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

Stones can also be used like the blocks. That way would create a superb base for your firepit. You can place the block on the ground as the starter for developing the base. As you can see in the picture, there is some space around the firepit which will be better to fill it up with stones rather than leaving it empty.

20. DIY Rock Firepit with Base

Diy Firepit Ideas

Using a straightforward means you could create a perfect form of firepit in your backyard. All of the stones or rocks need to be formed perfectly in order to be fit effectively with one another.

The first thing you need to do is to select the perfect spot for the pit in your backyard. Place the screen cover on the patio in order to mark the center of the pit. After you determine the size of your pit, the next step is to install the tray and the grate of the firepit.

21. Super Easy Square Metal Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas The Brick

Building a firepit doesn’t have to be using stones or concretes, you can use all metal or steel for the material. The items of steel could be a great choice for the firepit. It’s well-known for its durability and flexibility. It can also be a minimalist choice for your stylish house.

In order to secure the spot, the sheet of steel needs to be filled with mud. The mud inside and around the square. Some square tiles on the floor would create a better-looking base.

22. Easy Inground Stone and also Block Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

An in-ground firepit could also be a nice addition to your backyard’s ground. You won’t need a lot of blocks to cover the fire. You could just dig a hole in the firepit’s dimension that you need to have. The area around the edge needs to be designed too with rocks and some concrete slabs.

23. Large Concrete Block and Stone Firepit

Diy Firepit Ideas

All of the ideas above have a small dimension. For the record, a firepit doesn’t have to be small. The size of the pit is according to the space and the purpose of it. You will need larger piles of concrete blocks on top of one another.


All of those 23 DIY Firepit Ideas can be your inspiration to take your backyard or any outdoor space of your house to a whole new level. Those ideas are easy to build. Just follow a simple tutorial on the related website, you will get the perfect firepit design.

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