A Comprehensive List of Front Door Ideas

Your house is what protects you from unfriendly weather and other natural occurrences. No wonder, people will voluntarily pay a lot of money for their house’s exterior and interiors, including furnishings. Every part of the house has to be in their best condition, especially the front door. A nicely made front door will tell passers-by that your house is well-kept.

The front door is one of the most important parts of a house’s exterior. It is important because it’s the first thing people see when they pass by your house. If the design of your front door matches the rest of your house, or it is somewhat aesthetically pleasing, this will impact people’s perception of you. You will be known as someone with good taste.

Other than being a way for a house’s dwellers to enter, the existence of a door also contributes to the overall design of the house. There are lots of designs, materials, and colours available to choose from at the moment. We can create whatever door that completes our house’s design.

Before taking a look at a list of front door ideas we have compiled, here are some tips on how to choose a front door that matches the rest of your house.

  1. Match the colour with the wall

    It is advisable to choose a front door with a colour that matches the colour of the entire house’s facade. A front door with a colour that goes together with the wall gives a uniform look.

    If you don’t know how to match the colour of the door and the facade, search the internet for colour schemes. For example, if you search for “blue colour scheme” you will find pictures with graduating shades of blue. You will also find colours that are compatible with it. In this case, you will usually find white as the complementary colour.

  2. Choose a front door with different texture

    The combination of various materials on the facade of your house will enrich the composition. This eliminates the chance of getting a monotonous looking house. For instance, if your wall is covered with stones, choose a wooden front door to make your house steal the limelight.

  3. Choose the material the condition where you are living.

    If you are living in an area with high rainfall, maybe choosing a wooden front door is not the best decision. You won’t have to wait a long time before it becomes weathered, supporting fungus growth. Now you are left with a mouldy door.

    In this case, you can choose a trendy metal door. Don’t ever think that metal doors are only for bathrooms – there are lots of metal doors with elegant designs that will complete your house.

  4. Choose the right size

    Do not pick a huge front door if your house is tiny. It will make your house look even smaller, and you don’t want that to happen. Likewise, don’t pick a tiny door if your house is huge. It will not look cute, guaranteed.

  5. Add lighting

    To add attractiveness to your house, get some lanterns, light bulbs, or garden lights. The addition of lighting around your front door will enhance the beauty of your house.

Now, we will find out the examples of modern-day front door ideas.

  1. Door with glass windows

    The aquarium design is the latest trend of housing designs. This gives your house a clean, sophisticated look. The simplicity does not make it boring; it adds an elegant touch to the entire design of the house.

    There is an advantage of having doors with glass windows. When the sun shines, you don’t have to turn on your light bulbs and pay for electricity. Choosing a door with glass windows does not only makes your house look hip, but also makes it energy efficient.

  2. Black with Aluminium finishing

    Black is a colour that symbolizes mystery, strength, and elegance. If the colour of your house matches with black, do not be afraid to experiment with this one.

  3.  Wooden door

    This type of door an be placed indoors or outdoors. Wood can isolate cool air, heat, and noise. If you are living where noises are frequently heard from outside, maybe you should choose a door made from wood to prevent the noise from coming in and you can live peacefully.

    A lot of people have chosen a wooden door for their front door. Wood gives a strong, luxurious impression to those who see it. You can paint your wooden door to make it look stronger and protect it from termites.

    Whether your house’s design is classical or minimalist, you can choose the suitable design or carving of the wooden door. Classical designs usually cost more, considering the difficulty of making the intricate carvings. Doors with minimalist design do not have as much details and will cost less, depending on the type of wood used.

    Having a wooden front door has several advantages, such as:

    • Gives your house a warm atmosphere
    • Makes your house look elegant
    • Most of them are affordable
  4. Classical designs

    Whether you choose classic European or Asian design for your front door, classical front door designs will add elegance to your house. Most classical designs have carvings on it. This makes doors with classical designs have high aesthetic value.

Do Not Limit Yourself to These Front Door Ideas

When choosing a front door for your house, looking for front door ideas on the internet is a must. But that does not mean there is no possibility of getting a completely unique front door.

To get a front door that suits your needs, you have to order it from a trusted craftsman or carpenter. Discuss the design you want and ask for considerations from him. That way, you will get a door that satisfies you, your family, and everyone who sees it.

We hope this article about front door ideas will give you a view of the front door you should choose. Don’t forget to consider the safety of the door you are going to choose. As we all know, crime can happen anywhere and anytime. One of the ways to prevent it from happening to us is by choosing a durable, safe front door.

Why don’t you Use These Mandala Style Home Decor Ideas for Your Home?

Mandala style of decoration for your house is one of the latest interior design that is deserved to be in your home. Mandala which is also called mandala tapestry has the bohemian or hippie pattern which has become the trend in the 1960s.

Using mandala tapestry pattern in your home can turn it into a beautiful home with its beautiful ethnic motif decoration. Combining supportive colors makes the mandala tapestry as one of the perfect accessories for your room.

Mandala style inspirations for your home decor

mandala home decor

If you’re looking for the mandala inspirations, this article will give you some of beautiful decorations ideas with the mandala style. Let’s find out how to apply this mandala idea nicely for a cool and beautiful home.

Implement the mandala style will sweeten the small family room

Decorating the house reflects your personality as the owner and it goes the same to decorating the living room. If your family room is quite small, you can add a simple tapestry to express the artistic side that you have. For you who love the bohemian style, the beautiful mandala tapestry will be a great choice.

Also, do not forget to sweeten your room with unique wall decoration. Adding LED lights as a decor can also emerge cheerful atmosphere in the small room.

Mandala motif makes the family room feels warm & homely

Applying mandala motif on your house can make it more beautiful. One of them is by applying the mandala motif to a modern theme family room.

If the family room mostly features a modern theme, with a mandala motif as home decoration, the room will have distinctive characteristics that are different from other family room.

Make sure the size of this mandala motif looks proportional and does not collide with the existing eclectic style on the other furniture. This inspiration certainly convinces you further to apply the mandala tapestry as one of decorations that can match any interior.

Mandala wall stickers look good for home decoration

mandala home decor

Mandala sticker or wall art with mandala motif is one of decoration that is suitable for you who do not want to spend so much times arranging the decoration. Simply put it on the empty space in the living room or maybe behind the sofa.

Then, the mandala sticker will easily blend in with all of the themes, with the beauty of it still becomes the highlight. The motif and the color do not only look simpler, but also looks more modern. This mandala idea is absolutely cool, simple, modern and also convenience.

Beautiful mandala wallpaper can also be a good choice

Play with mandala wallpaper so you can upgrade the appearance of a family room to super charming. The mandala motif can emerge the elegant impression of the room and it is far from the traditional look.

Because of mandala decoration, you do not need many decorations or add some other home decorations as the compliment. However, remember that if you want to use mandala wallpaper, make sure the furniture in the neutral color.

Mandala mural to support industrial-style family room

mandala home decor

In this idea we are still playing on the wall as if it is your canvas and as the main decoration of the house. What you have to do is to paint the mural on wet cement walls. The motif and line of color should be so simple, so the chosen industrial style interior becomes more complete.

With a little of orange and yellow accents, the industrial style looks more elegant with the mural. Complete the wall decoration with minimalist furniture.

Mandala fabrics accents and ethnic home decorations

Another alternative to mandala decoration in the living room can be raised through the available main furniture. If you are applying a warm ethnic bohemian style, the family room should have a similar home decoration.

The mandala motif appears as a beautiful throw to adorn any large sofa. The color of mandala motif can make a family room dominated by monochromatic color look more alive. Complete this idea with soft yellow decorative lights to make the room more comfy for resting.

The Blue mandala with the stylish bohemian motif

mandala home decor

If you love a modern and dynamic room, you can still use mandala home decoration with style. You can design the family room with modern home decoration and use electric blue furniture. The key is to choose the furniture and decoration with a matching color palette.

Symmetrical home decoration with box mandala motif

One of the tricks to creating a comfortable family room, especially in the small one is by creating a family room with a special theme, for example, an antique theme. To apply this idea, place the mandala pattern beautifully on a fabric hanged right in the middle of the antique-style living room.

The color selection should be complementary, for example, red and dark brown that will give the impression of a classic, complement the antique style. In addition, sweeten the room with unique sofa cushions.

DIY decoration with knitted mandala

mandala home decor

If you find the happiness when showing your own home decoration design, it’s time to experiment with knitting decorations. For beautiful results, choose the main color as the focus of the decoration.
For example, choose two main colors like red and blue, which have been complemented with other colors as the accents.
To make the room more lively and warm, add a soft carpet as an additional home decoration. A carpet can make any room look spacious. If you choose a patterned rug, avoid putting too many decorations so it will not look full. You can also add small decorative plants too.

Mandala home decoration can also apply on the floor

If you are more experimentalist and want something different, try home this mandala motif decorating tips. The idea comes along with a carpet that carries the ethnic theme but has a simple and modern monochrome color. For you who like Scandinavian interior style, you can also use this kind of carpet.

Well, after you know these beautiful mandala tapestry home decor ideas, do you become more interested to apply them at your home?

Just Bought A Flat-Screen TV? Here Are Some Ideas for the TV Stands

Home entertainment now has been more popular than ever. With Netflix and other streaming services, you can binge watching many shows on your TV. Or you can watch movies with theatrical experience from a wide flat-screen TV. To increase the experience watching from TV and to make yourself comfortable while watching it, of course, you will need good TV stands.

Ideas before purchasing this Type of TV

This furniture needs to support the TV so you can view it from the best angle. There are many kinds of stands available out there. To get the best way of enjoying shows from your TV you need to buy the stand that matches your room and viewing angle. Here are some ideas before you buy this type of TV.

Choose a comfortable viewing height

wall mount tv stand

Don’t buy one that will only make your neck hurts because you watch the TV at uncomfortable angles for hours. The stand should position the TV screen at your eye level. 42 inches is the recommended height. However, the best angle will depend on the height of the sofa or chairs.

Do not forget to measure your eye level first when seated for customizing the setup. It is to make sure that the center of the TV isn’t too far from your sight line. So, it is recommended to buy a stand that provides a mount so you can adjust the display level as you needed.

The stand should match the TV size and width

metal TV Stand

Of course, when you buy the stand, you need to consider the size of the TV. A 50 inch that can give theater viewing experience, of course, will need more space, let alone the extra wide model. If space allows your big wide TV, then it’s time to consider the TV consoles.

Look for the console that is wider than the display so there will be no overhang for the TV that is positioned in the middle room. Although most flat screen TV has a base to support the weight, there are chances that you will bump or toppling the display, especially when you use a small stand.

Complement the room layout

corner TV stand

You may find it difficult having a small room but you want to buy a big flat screen TV. You don’t have to bury your dream buying the big TV. There are ways to position the TV in a small room. A swivel TV stand will help to find the optimal viewing angle in such small room.

Purchase a corner TV stand to position the TV in the corner of the room. It has triangle edge to fit the corner of the room. Another idea is to buy a wall-mount TV stand to free some spaces in front of you. If you already have a regular stand, equip it with a wall console to add the room’s storage capacity.

Choose a style

bohemian tv stand

This TV come with many styles, ranging from staggering shelving, asymmetrical shapes to rounded bases. Choose very wisely so it will not lead to the confused decor. The best one is the one that blends well with your room’s aesthetic. Use open shelving with simple geometric lines to capture the contemporary space’s minimalist feel.

A white, pale neutral or light gray TV stand will make the room look brighter and more spacious. Meanwhile, clean lines and dark solids are better for transitional decor and thicker frames with ornament details completed by richly stained wood are suitable for traditional rooms.

Other styles that are worth to consider are a modern TV stand, bohemian TV stand, and classic style. Classic style never gets old. Find one made from durable hardwood. If you are more a modern person, the sharp and with sleek lines modern TV stand will give you the 21st-century feel.

Choose the right material for the better result

wood TV Stand

To find the best stand, you need to consider the ones that are made by these materials: wood, medium density fireboard, metal, glass, and particle board. If you are looking for the long lasting one, veneered plywood, metal, or wood made stand are the best options. These materials make the stand heavy and firm so it will remain stable.

A wooden made TV stand is the best choice if you have wooden furniture and flooring in the same room. However, there is one issue. A wooden stand usually has back panel and it will difficult for ventilation and access for the cable. Regardless, if you are interested in the stand made from wood, find one that comes in brown that work in various color and style, or black for the stronger color. These two colors are the safest so it can work well in your decoration.

A glass made with metal as the support is also durable. Make sure you purchase one that is made from a strong glass material. To keep the stand clean, reserve the glass unit if the household is a “low-traffic” one. Then, the medium-density fireboard and particle board are the best one if you are looking the cheaper one. It may less durable, but it is durable enough for daily use.

Storage and organization to keep it neat

tv stand storage

Buying a flat-screen TV requires a room for the cable and clutter. You don’t want to show off the TV with clutters under the TV stand. To organize the clutter, such as cable or magazine you will need a stand has board tabletop space. The TV as the center of entertainment is the perfect place to show some electronics. That’s why you need the storage.

Most stands are already available with a cutout for cord management. It helps to conceal the cables and, of course, it will keep your kids and pets from electrical hazard. That’s why you need to choose the stand with open shelving, drawers or closed cabinet.

Make sure that the storage has enough space for all of the devices, such as game consoles, audio and video player and so on. The stand with drawers can hide the items from view. For the drawers with glass door, make sure it is made from tempered glass that is stronger than regular glass.

Those are several things that you need to know before buying TV stands. Make sure it is suitable for your room in color, style, size, material, and shape.

15 Easy and Creative DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

OUTDOOR LIGTING – It’s the moment of the year when we want to invest even more time outside than we do outside. So it’s all-natural that we intend to embellish our outside rooms too. All interior decorating ideas will need to wait for the colder periods. And also now, we’re going to get crafty in our yard, outdoor patio or yard.

The adhering to are some incredible concepts to illuminate your outdoors and create a fantastic environment for you to relax with your friends and family. Use these simple but extremely creative suggestions to earn those long nights that far more fun!

DIY Cable Basket Lighting

wire basket lighting

wire basket lighting thekimsixfix.com

It’s simple making from an economical dollar store basket and this light works excellent in the backyard or the deck.

Mason Jar Lanterns

hanging mason jar lanterns

hanging mason jar lanterns orchardgirls.blogspot.com

Get some low-cost mason jars to make stunning lanterns for state of mind lighting in your yard. It’s a little enhancement but they do look truly beautiful. See the tutorial for even more information no ways to make them.

PVC Pipe Lighting

pvc pipe lights

pvc pipe lights hometalk.com

For this DIY task, you will certainly need PVC Piping, a hacksaw, fine point con artist, tape measure, sander, rotary device, X-Acto knife and also small lights. Cut the PVC pipelines right into the wanted lengths, sand the harsh edges and also contour out your choice makes into each item. Ultimately, stick lights right into the within the created pipes. The tutorial offered will give you all the details as well as exact actions on the best ways to complete the task.

Sturdy String Light Poles

string light poles

string light poles blog.homedepot.com

The materials for this DIY task include wood planter, quickly establishing concrete, outdoor string lights, wood planter, hooks, WD-40, pliers, blade, and also 5-gallon pails. Cover the within the buckets with WD-40. Next off, pour the cement right into the buckets, include the correct amount of water and mix thoroughly. After that, place the tree trunks into the facility of the pails consisting of the concrete combination. Once the concrete collections, remove the buckets as well as affix small screw hooks right into the top of each trunk. Ultimately, hang the string lights from the hooks. Locate all the information of this job in the guide connected over.

Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Lantern

bottle tiki torch

bottle tiki torch designsponge.com

The devices as well as materials for this DIY job consist of an empty bottle, 1/2″ copper cap, copper Top Plate Adapter, 1/2″ x 3/8 ″ copper combining, 1 ″ split ring hanger, tiki substitute wick, lantern fuel, adjustable wrench, power screwdriver, hacksaw and a channel. Making use of the right tools, mount the Top Plate Adapter where you desire it to place the torch. Next off, cover the 1/2″ end of the combining with the Teflon tape and put the wick into the combining– guarantee concerning a 1/4″ of the wick stand out. Next, insert the coupling and wick right into the container to develop the lantern. Finally, hang the lantern from the hanger. Take a look at the tutorial to see exactly how specifically to finish this job.

Hula Hoop Chandelier

sarah with an h hula hoop chandelier 280489883025365798

sarah with an h hula hoop chandelier  sarahontheblog.blogspot.com

You will certainly require a hula hoop, “icicle” white lights, rolls of charming shoelace as well as a warm glue gun. Apply glue on the hula hoop and then wrap the icicle lights around the hoop. Next off, cover the hula hoop with the shoelace. The tutorial will discuss you this project thoroughly.

Glow Containers

glowing jars

glowing jars thegoldjellybean.com

For this DIY project, you will require rubber gloves, safety eyeglasses, radiance sticks (various colors), clear glass container and scissors. Fracture a radiance stick, put the cracked end into a jar, and afterwards cut the suggestion. Next off, shake as well as swirl the cut glow stick inside the container until an enough amount radiance materials in the jar. Lastly, change the cover as well as drink the container to disperse the radiance material. Repeat this process for the various other containers. Look into the tutorial to find all the information about this job.

Shuttlecock Lighting

shuttlecock lights

shuttlecock lights kittenhood.ro

The materials as well as tools for this DIY task include economical badminton shuttlecocks of various shades, 50-count white lights, and also a knife. Get rid of the soft caps of the shuttlecocks and also make a through the top of each shuttlecock skirt. Next off, pass a light bulb via each opening. Ultimately, reattach the caps. Have a look at the tutorial for the full directions.

Recycled Pallet Lights

pallet box lights

pallet box lights fiskars.com

The devices and also products for this job consist of made use of pallets, a basic use hammer, a saw, string lights as well as hooks. Draw the pallet apart and cut the boards right into the called for dimension. Utilize the 4 × 4 pieces of lumber to develop the base and the 1/2″ x4 ″ items to develop four sides of the cube and the top. To enable light to pass through, leave rooms in between the wood slats. Once you full building the 4 sides as well as the top, affix screw hooks right into the four inside edges the top. Ultimately, affix the string lights to the screw hooks. The tutorial will certainly offer you the full instructions and also prepare for this job.

Cupcake Lights

cupcake lights

cupcake lights cfabbridesigns.com

You will require cupcake tin liners, X-Acto knife, lamp cords as well as light bulbs. Make use of the blade to earn crosscuts in all-time low of the tin liners. Next off, slip the light cables on the linings. Finally, insert bulbs into the light cord outlets. Comply with the tutorial for the exact steps of making this project.

Pot/Basket Light

pot lighting

pot lighting theartofdoingstuff.com

For this DIY project, you will require a chain, a slim metal pole, rubber bands, LED light and a basket/pot. Slide the slim steel pole with the chain ends. Wind the rubber bands around completions of the metal pole to stop the chain from sliding off and then hook the LED light right into the middle of the steel rod. Place the pole and also chain set inside a pot. Ultimately, draw the chain via the pot’s drainpipe hole. Look into the tutorial for more information.

Canning Jar Lights

jar lights

jar lights michelesapples.blogspot.com

The materials and also tools for this DIY task consist of clear canning jars, indoor/outdoor light cables, translucent outdoor glass paint, drill as well as huge drill little bit. Cut openings in the steel caps of each jar making use of the large drill little bit and paint the jars with different colors at the exact same time. Ultimately, screw each jar to a light cable. The tutorial will certainly supply you with the full information.

Fairly Light World

fairy light globe

fairy light globe

You will require two cord hanging basket frames without the chains, four cable/pull ties, a canister of spray paint, preferably silver, fairy/Christmas lights and pliers. Attach both basket frameworks together with wire connections (cut the connection tails) to form a globe/sphere. After that, repaint the round silver as well as wrap fairly lights evenly around it. You do not necessarily have to secure the lights because their worlds will certainly help quit the wire from slipping. For more information as well as instruction have a look at the tutorial.

Outdoor Orb Chandelier

orb chandlier

orb chandlier allthingsheartandhome.com

To construct a DIY outdoor chandelier, you will certainly require a burlap bow, grapevine spheres of different sizes, sets of 50-count white lights with brown cables, a yard twine as well as a birch branch. Thread the white lights inside each sphere and tie them in position with the yard twine. Then, hang the rounds from the birch brand name to complete the ensemble. Lastly, hang the chandelier from an appropriate component making use of the burlap bow. You could additionally make use of the bow to cover things such as plugs. Follow the tutorial for the complete steps of this jobs.

Cedar Block Lighting

cedar cube lights

cedar cube lights hometalk.com

For this DIY project, you will require 4 × 4 cedar lumber, a saw, drill press, 11/16 drill bit and measuring tape as well as landscape solar lights. Action and also reduced the lumber into 4-inch cubes. Next off, set the depth of the drill press accordingly and also pierce an opening via the center of each dice. Finally, place your landscape solar lights right into the pierced cider dices. For full guidelines check out the tutorial.

Top 28 Ideas Adding DIY Backyard Lighting for Summer Nights

Summertime is here! The life of evening is an integral part for us to spend this heat. For example, when night falls, we frequently prefer to amuse close friends or hold a household celebration in the lawn. At this moment, we need the light to light up the night as well as include some great atmosphere. You need not to buy some magnificent lights in the stores. Actually, we could do something special with the common incandescent lights in your home to include gorgeous glow to the lawn. Come and delight in the complying with captivating suggestions adding DIY outdoor illumination to your summer season evening that could beautifully brighten your backyard or outdoor patio.

1. Use led walkway lighting to create cute patterns in your front yard

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting seielettrotecnica.it

2. Cover a backyard tree trunk with fairy lights

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting lauriejoneshome.com

3. Build a fire pit to warm up your patio or yard in an evening

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting tuffguardhose.com

4. Reuse some old glass shades and old string lights to make these glowing outdoor orbs to improve your landscapes in summer evenings

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting theartofdoingstuff.com

5. Hang a string of fairy lights and enjoy them every evening

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting sunset.com

6. Wood and mason jars lighting are perfect for this cool backyard pergola

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting eastcoastcreativeblog.com

7. Recycled wine bottle lighting

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting houzz.com

8. Create a faux fire with fairy lights loosely draped over a pile of wooden logs

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting seielettrotecnica.it

9. Installing lights under benches

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting poshhome.info

10. String up some outdoor lights by using a cement base with tree poles added into the cement.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting marthastewart.com

11. Decorate your garden fence with these DIY hanging mason jar lights.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting ehow.com

12. Place a baker’s rack in your balcony as a mini garde

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting

13. Candles in a galvanized tub.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting pinterest.com

14. Build a super frugal pergola decorated with string lights.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting thecreatedhome.com

15. Build a wooden post topped with a solar powered post cap, and then hanging up a large lantern to decorate it.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting lifeisbetterbythepool.blogspot.com

16. Go for an easy and cheap tabletop fire bowl.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting todayscreativelife.com

17. Install rope light as walkway illumination and landscape lights.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting blog.christmaslightsetc.com

18. Floating candles bucket can be a simple and romantic backyard decoration.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting blog.homedepot.com

19. Wrap decorative ribbon and icicle lights around a hula hoop to create so cool chandelier.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting sarahontheblog.blogspot.com.au

20. Hang these mason jar luminaries on the railing.

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting craftynest.com

21. Hang a string of fairy lights and enjoy them every evening

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting boredart.com

20. Hang these mason jar luminaries on the railing

diy outdoor lighting 29

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting 26

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting 25

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting 23

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting 21

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting 28

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting 27

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting 24

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting 22

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting

diy outdoor lighting craftynest.com

Your garden flowers can enjoy lighting drops from this repurposed watering can.