Gambrel Roof: 20+ Examples of Beautiful Home

Photograph of a quaint red gambrel roof style cottage home

GAMBREL ROOF – “Gambrel” also refers to a rod or hook for suspending slaughtered animal carcasses. A gambrel or gambrel roof is a usually symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side. (The normal building term in eighteenth-century England as well as North America was “Dutch roof.”) The top incline is positioned at a superficial angle, while the lower incline is …

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Accumulated Depreciation: FAQ, Definition & Example

accumulated depreciation

ACCUMULATED DEPRECIATION – Accumulated depreciation is the complete depreciation for a set possession that has been charged to cost because that asset was gotten as well as made available for use. The accumulated depreciation account is a possession account with a credit rating equilibrium (also called a converse property account); this means that it shows up …

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