Inexpensive but Incredible DIY Gift with Minimal Supplies

Holidays are always special. It is when our family gathers together and when we spend more quality time with them. Holidays will be more fun with gifts. No, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your cash to get pricey gifts since we’re talking about DIY gift. Don’t worry; we have enough ideas about do-it-yourself gifts for the whole family. Check them out below.

Colorful DIY Gift Marble Mugs

diy marble mug – diy marble mug

Have some blank white mugs? I agreed that they look boring. But now no more, thanks to nail polishes and their beautiful colors. Now gather your

  1. white ceramic mugs
  2. warm water
  3. nail polishes in your favorite colors

To create do-it-yourself marble mugs follow the steps below:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water, make sure you pick bowl that’s big enough which you can dip your mug in it.
  2. Add some drops of nail polish into the warm water. Use toothpick to flatten the nail polish on the surface of warm water.
  3. Take your white mug and dip it in your warm water. You’ll see the nail polish is sticking on the mug. Wait for few seconds to let the nail polish sticks properly to your white mug.
  4. Now take it out and let the mug dry.

If there are few mugs and you want different marble color on each mug, you only need to replace the warm water with the clean one then add some drops of different color of nail polish. Repeat the steps above with different nail polish color. You will not only get different color on each mug but also unique motif for every single mug.

Once you add nail polish to warm water, you better dip your mug immediately since some brands of nail polish dry truly quickly on the water. When you take the mug out of warm water and you dislike the marble motif it gets, don’t panic but rinse it using warm water. The flowing warm water helps removing the motif only if you rinse it before the nail polish dries.

When giving these DIY gift marble mugs to anyone, tell them not to wash the mugs in dishwasher if they want the motif stays longer. Remind them to wash the mugs manually so their beautiful mugs won’t turn back to blank white mugs with their boring look. You can give them card with your pretty words inside and reminder along with the mugs so they won’t forget the rule.

Simple yet Stunning DIY Gift Idea

sharpie mark pen diy mug – sharpie mark pen diy mug

Blank white mug is a flawless canvas, but what if there’s no more ceramic white mug at home? Use plain mugs in any color then. Make those plain mugs look stunning by drawing or writing on them, using sharpie markers. Sharpie markers are much better than other markers since they’re more permanent. Use white sharpie marker to draw doodle on black ceramic mug, it will be awesome for kids.

And for red ceramic mug, use blue sharpie marker to write a name or quote on it. Green sharpie marker is cool alternative if you don’t have the blue one. Gold colored quote written using gold sharpie pen on the blue ceramic mug makes the mug look glorious. For green ceramic mug, use combination of black and blue sharpie markers to draw something on it.

When you finish drawing and writing on your ceramic mugs, put them inside the oven, and bake it for thirty minutes at 350 degrees. Baking them together is better and faster than baking them one by one. Wait for few minutes to let them cool before pulling them out of the oven. Now you’re ready to wrap them and hand them to your loved ones when they visit on holiday.

Classy DIY Gift with Gold Polka Dot

classy diy gift with gold polka dot – classy diy gift with gold polka dot

Another holiday gift giving idea is still about blank white mug. Prepare these materials first:

  1. White ceramic mug
  2. Sharpie pen or marker, the oil based ones. Why oil based sharpie pen or marker? The only reason is the water won’t remove it easily.

Now follow these to get the classy polka dot mug:

  1. Use the sharpie marker to draw polka dot in any size you want, either in same or different size, depends on your desire. Write something on the handle of mug if you want to.
  2. When you’re done, put the mug inside the oven then heat the oven at 350 degrees, wait for thirty minutes.

There it is; your new classy mug is ready to use. It is a brilliant gift especially for ladies since the gold colored sharpie is identical with girls. Wrap it using clear plastic and it will look so cute. That gold polka dot mug is ready to complement morning coffee.

Stylish Glass and Gold DIY Gift

stylish glass and gold diy gift – stylish glass and gold diy gift

Clear glasses are alternative for ceramic mugs in case of creating stylish do-it-yourself gift. Collect all your glasses, the clear ones that have no print. Next, use gold and silver sharpie markers to draw or write on clear glasses. You need to make them look appealing, so start drawing and writing from the bottom of glasses and stop at the middle, not at top of glasses.

Explore your creativity by drawing on a glass using gold sharpie marker, writing on another glass using silver sharpie marker, and use both colors of sharpie markers on the next glass. To get classy look on each glass, don’t draw and write too much. Don’t use same design on two glasses so you won’t remove the do-it-yourself style.

As always, bake the glasses at 350 degrees in your oven for thirty minutes. Let them stay in your oven until they chill. Pull them out and they’ll be ready to serve juices or liqueur during the holiday season when everyone comes. You can also fill them with sweets or chocolate then wrap them using clear plastic and give them as holiday souvenir or gift.

Can you see that limited budget won’t block you from getting creative? Actually, all you need to create the entire do-it-yourself gifts above is just mugs, glasses, nail polish, warm water, sharpie markers, and an oven. There’s no need to spend a single penny to make them, nail polish and sharpie markers can now be found at most homes. Don’t give up in exploring your creativity.

Assorted Wondrous Gift in a Jar for Everyone

Nobody doesn’t love gift, even the smallest and simplest one will make us smile happily. But it is not fair to expect gifts from the others without giving back. Everybody deserves to be happy, and we have a role to draw a smile on their face through the gifts we share. Gift in a jar is one simple but cool idea to share happiness to our loved ones.

Speaking about giving gift in a jar, below are ideas about things we can give inside a jar and how to ‘wrap’ the jar so it won’t look too simple or naked. Let us start with what to put inside the jar. Before deciding what should be inside the jar, think about who will get that gift in a jar.

The Right Gift in a Jar for Him

recipe cranberry orange jelly gift jar – gift for her

A jar full of sweet stuff may be a terrible gift for a man, who knows he evidently is a diabetic? Know the recipient of your gift so you’ll figure out what to be placed in the jar. I asked some guy friends in different age ranges about what gift they expect from the others. Their answer depends on their age.

If you’re about to give a gift in a jar to a grown man, you better get something that’s more functional than the attractive one. A jar contains a beautiful watch will be glorious treasure for him. But if you see him wearing a watch already and you don’t think it is a good gift for him, try another idea below.

Another guy I asked told me liqueur is his passion. If the guy you’re about to reward has the same passion, transform the jar into mini bar. Gather some small bottles that fit inside the jar you’ll give to him – if possible collect bottles in assorted shapes. Fill each small bottle with different kind of liqueur. Those liqueurs in a jar will be unique gift for him.

A younger man told me he always wants something he can display on the wall or desk instead of something he needs to carry everywhere. For this kind of guy, wristwatch is definitely not a good idea. The jar itself is displayable, so you only need to fill it with something cool for him to display on his desk or shelf.

An old photo of you and him, his favorite quote you write yourself on a parchment, or the first thing he gave to you when you first met him will be a meaningful decoration for his private office and a thing that will arouse everybody’s curiosity. When he explains what it is to his friend, he’ll always remember you.

Adorable Gift in a Jar for Her

gift in a jar – gift in a jar

Unlike guys, most girls don’t change as they grow up. Yet, you need to know her before handing a gift in a jar for her. Does she love something functional? Does appearance matter for her? Is she feminine or tomboy? A jar full of colorful nail polishes is so cute but they’ll dry out in a tomboy’s room.

Nail polishes, hair accessories, and cute sewing tools are excellent gift in a jar for girls who love functional gifts. Girls love sweets. I know that because I’m one of them. So a jar full of sweets or chocolate will never go wrong. The other lovely things in a jar are dried fruits and dried flowers; pick one she loves the most.

There are two ways to give dried fruits or dried flowers in a jar. First, fill a jar with one kind of dried flower or dried fruit. Next time you want to give her something, send another jar with another kind of dried flower or dried fruit. She’ll build her collection when you send her the other jars with other dried flower or dried fruit inside.

Second, mix some different types of dried flowers or dried fruits in one jar. Place the dried fruits or dried flowers in layers inside the jar. Dried flowers in a jar are lovely gift for feminine ones who have lots of stuffs with flower motif. They’ll display that gift proudly where people can see it easily. Dried fruits in a jar suit them who love eating.

Gorgeous ‘Wraps’ for Gift in a Jar

wrap gift in a jar – wrap gift in a jar

Do you want to cover the entire jar so no one can see what’s inside? Or will you let the gift sneak a peek from the jar? If you prefer the first choice, try painting the whole jar instead of wrapping the jar using wrapping paper. Paint will block the entire glass. This idea is perfect if you want to surprise him or her.

Or, write your letter on a paper that’s big enough to cover the jar. Stick the paper outside the jar with your writing facing outside. When she/he gets the gift in a jar, the letter will be the first she/he sees. This is a romantic wrapping idea that’s brilliant if she/he is a romantic person. Scroll down if you prefer the second wrapping way.

Ribbon on the neck of jar, under the lid is most common ‘wrapping’ idea for gift in a jar. Ribbon on top, that’s sticking on jar’s lid is the second common idea. Try something new like sticking paper with printed quote around the jar’s body. Or write the quote you love manually then stick it on the jar. Quote isn’t like letter; it won’t hide what’s inside the jar.

The wrapping is not the matter, but what inside is. So don’t mind what’s outside the jar because she/he will love whatever you share inside the jar. But, if you want the jar displayable, printing the quote directly on the jar is awesome idea. She/he would love to display it on the shelf or desk with or without filling.

So, what comes to your mind when you’re thinking about giving something in a jar? Hope everything you found here will lead you to find the right gift in a jar for each person you love. Always keep in your mind that each person deserves something special, it helps you finding the right gift for the right person.

Making Popsicle Stick Crafts to Boost Creativity

Each one of us has unique abilities and creativity. One of them is making crafts. There are lots of people who enjoy making crafts, ranging from children to adults. Selling crafts can even make extra income. One of the crafts that can be created easily is by using Popsicle sticks.

If you enjoy eating delicious popsicles on a hot day, do not throw away the sticks. These Popsicle sticks can be made into beautiful crafts. Other than being fun to make, Popsicle stick crafts can also be utilized for our daily activities, such as decorations, phone stand, coin bank, et cetera. Some crafts made using Popsicle sticks are so magnificent that you won’t believe they are made of Popsicle sticks.

Popsicle sticks are very cheap and adaptable. You can use Popsicle sticks for virtually anything. Whether you want to make a frame for your photos or a birdhouse to place on the tree outside of your house, the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is play with your imagination and creativity.

Arranging Popsicle sticks to make Popsicle stick crafts is not too challenging. The only things you need are creativity, precision, patience, glue, and of course some Popsicle sticks. You might need several more things in the process, but it will not add any difficulty.

The stuff you can make from Popsicle sticks are listed below, with some fun descriptions about each one of them.

Popsicle stick house

One of the first things you tried to make when you first started making crafts from Popsicle sticks is probably the Popsicle stick house. If you frequently make crafts from Popsicle sticks, chances are this one is not that hard for you. You only need to be patient and precise in making a Popsicle stick house.

After you finish making the Popsicle stick house, you will feel satisfied with the result because if you make this miniature with precision, the result will be sophisticated. If you want a tutorial for this one, search for it on YouTube.

Mini Swing

This adorable miniature swing will remind you of your childhood. If you like cute things, you will like this one. Try placing it in your pet hamster’s cage (but it might be gone in a week or so).

A Bridge

The bridge is one of the Popsicle stick crafts that require more artistry and mastery compared to the others. You can put this Popsicle stick craft as an ornament and people will be astonished at what you can make.

Popsicle Stick Fan

If you frequently use the traditional bamboo fan you get as wedding souvenirs, you will be glad to know that you can make it from Popsicle sticks. Just cross two Popsicle sticks and glue it in a position that resembles a fan, and put a folded piece of paper between the sticks.

Popsicle Stick Vase Decoration

To make this one, there is one extra step you have to do before shaping the Popsicle sticks. Before putting the sticks inside a clear flower vase, you have to soften them by boiling them in water. After they are soft enough, arrange them in your clear vase.

Be sure not to wait too long before arranging the sticks, because they will harden again. when they harden, it will be impossible to arrange them nicely in the vase. But in case this happens, just boil them again.

Popsicle Stick Hut

Wanting a cute hut-shaped decoration, but can’t get it anywhere? Just make it yourself using Popsicle sticks! It is way easier to do than you imagine. I will include a short tutorial here.

To make a hut, the first thing you need to do is make the roof. To make the roof, cut 8-10 Popsicle sticks in half (be sure to cut them equally) and attach the edges together until they form a roof.

Next, make the foundation of the hut. To make the foundation, use three pieces of Popsicle sticks to form the letter “H”. Make two of it, one for each side of the hut. After the foundation is done, make a floor for your hut. Cut your Popsicle sticks according to the distance of the two foundations. Attach them together.

The last step is making mini fences for your hut. This step does not provide any additional support to your hut, but it surely adds cuteness. To make fences, cut small pieces of Popsicle sticks and arrange them until they form fences.

A flower pot made of popsicle sticks

Are you considering buying a flower pot, but flower pots with high quality are too expensive for you? Just create your very own beautiful flower pot using Popsicle sticks. This is one of the most useful Popsicle stick crafts.

To make this flower pot, arrange the Popsicle sticks in a circular shape. Stick them together with super glue. Another option is to stick them around a clear plastic cup or a plastic bottle cut-out. The latter option is easier. Whichever way you make this flower pot, you will love the result.

Are Popsicle Stick Crafts Only For Kids?

Of course not! Do not ever be afraid to be creative. If you are proficient enough in making Popsicle stick crafts, you can even make money by selling them in art shops or souvenir shops. That way, people will not see your hobby as a childish, useless thing to do. Actually, there are so many people in this era who utilize their creativity to make anything from “worthless” everyday stuff.

Other than using Popsicle sticks, people are also using other materials such as plastic bottles, newspaper, cardboard, used straws, and anything else. Nearly all of the materials around us can be made into crafts if we are creative enough.

The stuff mentioned above are only a few examples of Popsicle stick crafts. There are still many things to explore, because the possibilities are endless. Good luck in trying to make these stuff! Always remember than any waste can be useful if they are processed with much care and creativity, just like the Popsicle sticks.






Making Beautiful Variations of Origami Flower

Origami, derived from the Japanese words Oru (fold) and Kami (paper) is a traditional art that has been around for thousands of years. There are countless designs of origami around the world. Each design was either created from the beginning of the origami history, or recently created by younger generations. Some designs, including origami flower, ranges from the simplest to the most complex.

Most of us were introduced to origami during our preschool or kindergarten years. The shapes we tried to fold at that time were the simpler ones, such as pinwheels and boats. Of course, origami might not feel interesting to all of us. Some people see origami as boring and time-wasting. However, origami actually stimulates our creativity and trains our fine motor skills.

Origami requires precision, persistence, and patience. We can create any shapes we want using the basic or advanced techniques of origami. Origami enthusiasts are not only youngsters, but also adults and elders who need relaxation.

It is not surprising that origami is one of the most prized forms of art in the world, because other than seeing the beauty in the results, we can also enjoy the process of making origami. Apart from the aesthetic aspects, origami has so many benefits.

Introducing origami starting from a young age is recommended because it has many benefits. But even if you did not start making origami as a kid, you will still get the benefits. There are at least ten benefits of origami.

The benefits you get from origami are: enhanced fine motor skills of hands, enhanced creativity, improved intellectual ability, balanced right and left brain activity, improved concentration and focus, better imagination, enhanced memory, more patience, a better understanding of aesthetics, and makes you able to appreciate works of art.

After reading a brief history of origami and knowing its benefits, I bet you are now excited to start learning some origami shapes. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make some variations of origami flower, the cherry blossom (sakura) and the tulip.

Making Cherry Blossom Origami Flower

We will start with the simplest flower to make, which is the cherry blossom or called Sakura in Japanese. To make the cherry blossom, you will need at least five pieces of square shaped paper and scissors.

The first step you have to make is folding the paper in half vertically. Next, choose one bottom edge and fold it to make a small triangle.

Then, repeat what you have just done on the reverse side. Cut a small triangle on the bottom right corner (your paper should have an opening on the left side now). Do not throw away the small triangle you just cut because we will use it later.

The last step to finish making one of the petals is cutting a curved edge on the left side, cutting through all layers. Repeat all the steps we have gone through on four more papers to make a total of five petals.

When you have five petals, combine them altogether and press the petals so they stick to one another. To finish the cherry blossom, stick the small triangles you cut earlier on the centre of your flower. Your cherry blossom origami flower is now done.

Making Tulip Origami Flower

The tulip origami design has two parts, the flower and the stem. In this tutorial, we will make the flower first. Prepare a square origami paper.

First, fold your paper diagonally; making the corners meet so it forms a right triangle. Fold it the other way too. Now open the folds and you’ll see that you have two intersecting diagonal lines.

Push the sides of the paper inwards so it becomes a triangle-shaped pocket. Fold each corner upward, meeting the upper corner of the triangle.

Now you should have a diamond-shaped paper in front of you. Fold the outer corner inward, so you’re left with an inverted kite shape.

To finish the tulip flower, hold your paper so there is a hole facing downwards. You’ll see that there’s a layer of “petals”. Peel off those “petals” like how you would peel a banana. Remember to do it slowly so you don’t rip your origami flower. When you finish this step, you’re done with the flower! Now it’s time to make the stem.

The first step to make the stem is folding your paper diagonally; folding the side and making them meet so you have a kite shape. Next, fold the upper corners following the crease you made earlier. Now you have a narrow diamond shape.

Then, flip the paper vertically to the folds are facing downward. Fold the paper in half, making the bottom and upper edges meet. Now fold it in half horizontally. Open the outer layer so it resembles a leaf.

To finish making this tulip, insert the stem to the tulip’s hole. Now you have a beautiful 3D tulip, your first three-dimensional origami flower. Congratulations!

What Are the Functions of Origami Flower?

Origami flowers do not have much other than creative and aesthetic purposes. But apart from that, the process of making an origami flower is really beneficial for the makers.

The two selected tutorials earlier in this article can show you how simple origami can be. However, some origami designs are much more difficult than them and require you to possess adequate skills in order to succeed making them.

In our daily lives, origami flowers are often used for decorations. Other than decorations, smaller versions of origami flowers can also be used on invitations, place cards, name tags, et cetera. Origami flowers are still chosen by many people to add a sweet accent to their goods.

I Have Never Tried to Make Any Origami, but I Want to Try Making an Origami Flower. Where Should I Start?

If you are completely blind about the basics of origami, you should follow some pictorials (tutorials with pictures) or video tutorials. That way, you can learn the origami designs with more ease because you are simply imitating the tutor’s steps in making the origami.

When you start learning how to fold origami flower, make sure you already know the basics like mountain creases and valley creases. Understanding terms like those will help you in following more tutorials in the future.

Stunning and Amazing Design Gift Card

Nowadays, there are so many unique designs ofgift cardthat you can meet on store. Those cardshave unordinary design which make you want to grab and purchase them. They are made to attract the attention of people, so the corporation can enhance the sales significantly. Do you know what kind of design which can attract person’s attention.

3D Pop UpGift Card Design

Everyone who still alive today live in 21st century. If you have business in this segment, you can’t only sell the ordinary style. If you do that, you may not survive due to bloody competition in this segment. The keys of success in business are being different, explore something new, and keeping on learning about your segment.

If you live in this century, you have to know that people already bored with only simply design of 2D. You have to offer the 3D design that we can called it pop up design. It is named 3D pop up design, because it has mechanism of 3D when you open the card. When you combine the card with the great cartoon or amazing picture it will become the greatest card for everyone.

You will amaze everyone by only one single touching. This 3D pop up design never fails to catch attention from everyone. You only require creativity to make a good design. When you have a good skill at origami, you can create better design that will make everybody happy. The examples of stunning 3D Pop Up design:

1. 3D Pop Up Design for Birthday

When you have good friends and your friends have birthday, you may think to give the best gift that you can provide. Don’t think to only buy the ordinarygift card for your special friends. You can procure 3D pop design that you can get in bookstore around your city. Even, you can’t find the good one, you can try to search from your laptop and try to look for the birthday card that has pop up design.

You may find that there are so many 3D pop up designs for birthday. When it is closed, it maybe looks like common card. When you open it, you may see a piece of birthday cake that stands out completed with its candle. That is only one example of the 3D pop up design for birthday.

Another example of pop up design for birthday is bunch of presents that stand out when you open the card. It will look like miracle for everyone and your friend will ask how it can stand out. Then, you can see that your friend feels happy from the smile.

2. 3D Pop Up Design for Wedding

You found that your friend or family will get married. You may think what kind of card I can give to them. The answer is so simple. You only have to purchase 3D pop up design for wedding. This kind of card, when you open it, there will be a couple picture that stand out.

When you want to give better card, you can try to demand from thegift card company that accept the personal request. You can also design based on your opinion and idea. You will find that the reaction from your friend or family will make you also smile. You will know the feeling of happiness when you someone smile because of you.

3. 3D Pop Up Design for Happy Mom Day

When you still have your mom alive, you really have to grateful to your God. You can try to give her surprise or make her happy every day. When she grows to become older day by day, someday she needs not only money, but also your attention. Even for a small thing, you can give her attention such as give her good message every day and cook for her.

Another activity that can make your mom happy is congratulating her happy mom day through agift card. You can say thank you for everything, thanks because of you want to make you born in this world safely, or thanks to your mom to take care of you when you still a kid. Maybe you can also make a poem for them. That would be perfect.

You can try to searc for 3D pop up design with the topic of happy mom day at bookstore. You can try to buy it and open it. You will find that there are bunch of flowers stand out from the card.

Flat Design to Attract Attention

Nowadays, the most popular design is flat design. If you are not familiar to the design world, you will ask what that is flat design. This is a minimalist design that themed by using pastel or bright colors, 2D image, simple, and clean space.

It is very popular and has been used in human interface of Microsoft also. Even power point, magazine, and book’s cover design have this flat design.  This flat design uses icon-like illustration rather than real-world object.

Although flat design is minimalist design, it does not mean less attractive. It can decrease the picture disturbance from the user or customer experience. In other words, it can eliminate the unimportant variable in illustration. Flat design can also catch attention easily and grab the costumer’s eye.

Another advantage of flat design is quick to be grasped compared to detailed design. It can deliver the message quicker and easy to be understand by everone. The design of this segment is judged by how amazing it looks like.

Different Basic Shape

The shape of this card does not necessarily square-shaped because of it will be so bored to see this shape again and again. There will be variations of the shape such as apple, cake-like, ribbon, and so on. This design can grab customer’s eye easily rather than using common square-shaped.

The most important to get attention to increase sale is becoming different. It is why there are so many creativity productions to create new things about this segment. When, the corporations combine these three variables about pop up, flat design, and basic shape that will be the greatest design you have ever seen.