Awesome Birthday Party Ideas

If your friends tell you that birthday surprises and parties are childish, cheesy, and immature, tell them that they’re wrong. You are never too old to have a birthday party. If you are creative enough, everything in your surroundings can be a theme for your birthday party. We are talking about a birthday party without creepy clowns and balloons.

Awesome Ideas for Nice Birthday Party

This article will help you arrange the birthday party of your dreams. Later, we will browse through some of the best birthday party ideas for teenagers and young adults. Prove to the people who challenged you that birthday parties can be chic without any trace of childishness.

1. Glow in the Dark Theme

Even if you are not celebrating your birthday in a nightclub, you can always choose glow in the dark theme. Being in the dark does not always mean there is nothing to do. Actually, you can create fun activities to do in the dark during your party. For instance, you can provide a set of neon body painting that your attendees are free to use.

For the dress code, you can ask your guests to wear plain white t-shirts and prepare glow in the dark paints to paint on their shirts. Decorations can also be fun if you use this theme. You can put neon lights and sticks all over the room. Putting light sticks inside helium balloons is also a great idea.

2. Galaxy Theme

This tumblr trend might be a little out-dated for most people, but do not be afraid to use this theme because colourful things will never go out of style! The galaxy birthday party theme suits the ones who are fans of the outer space. It will also look aesthetically pleasing to those who attend your party.

The element you can be creative with in the galaxy birthday party theme is the food. Order a galaxy patterned cake, bake some outer space-themed cookies – the sky is your limit (pun intended).

3. Costume Party

If you have a lot of savings to spend on your birthday party, this one might be the right choice for you. The best thing about a costume party is that you can control whatever style of costume you want your attendees to wear. You can choose a theme that suits everybody, such as the sixties or the seventies. But if you are more adventurous, you can choose a theme like pop-art or Hollywood lookalike.

4. Movie Marathon

When you and your closest friend are people who will choose intimacy over luxury anytime, this one is for you. Rather than arranging a birthday party with high budget in a crowded place, list some of your favourite movies and invite your beloved friends to come over.

With some drinks and popcorn, your birthday party will be a memorable one. If you’re on a budget, this can be one of the best birthday party ideas for you. Have you ever thought about this way to celebrate your birthday before? I bet you haven’t.

5. Unicorn Themed Party

If you are a grown-up and not afraid to embrace your inner little girl, try to use the unicorn theme on your birthday party. Decorate the venue with pastel rainbow colours. Order unicorn-themed cakes and sweet treats from the bakery of your choice.

For the dress code, you can ask your attendees to wear pastel coloured clothes. Other than that, make some unicorn horn bandannas for them. Although this might feel too childish for some, what’s wrong with it on your special day?

6. Charity Party

If you want your birthday to become the moment to share happiness with others or the less fortunate, try planning a charity to be held on your birthday. For example, you can visit shelters or foster homes and interact with the children there.

But if you are on a budget and giving donation is not possible, try starting a fundraiser. That way, you can gather enough money to provide some daily needs for the places you are going to visit. Your good deeds will always result in good things.

What Are the Elements that Should Never Be Forgotten in These Birthday Party Ideas?

The birthday party ideas mentioned above are great, but they are nothing without the completeness of every birthday party element. If one thing or two are missing, your birthday party will not completely feel like a birthday party.

These are the things you should never forget to include in your birthday party:

1. Balloons

If you don’t want to use colourful balloons, that is okay. You are not a pre-schooler anymore. But to add festivity to your birthday party, buy some balloons. There are lots of balloons with beautiful designs today.

Whether you want your balloons to be your name, your age, or a certain colour scheme, there is a great chance that you can find the ones you like. If visiting stores isn’t your thing, or if you can’t find them anywhere, try to browse for them on-line. Try tracking hash tags on instagram.

2. Ribbons

Ribbons are the best choice for decoration because they are cheap, but they don’t look cheap. Ribbons can be made into virtually anything you like. Just hire the best decorating team to make sure the ribbons are in the right places.

3. A Greeting Banner

How would you feel if you walked into a party where there is no welcome sign? That’s right, you will feel confused and unwelcomed. The same goes with your birthday party. If there is nothing to greet your guests, they will feel uncomfortable before the party even starts.

Banners are available for a reasonable price at many stores. Many stores that provide banners enable you to customize the banner to your liking.

4. Table Decoration

Apart from the venue decoration, the table decoration is also important. By decorating the tables your guests will be using, your guests will feel honoured because everything is prepared to meet their best condition.

5. Food and Beverages

It’s a party; of course there should be food! Other than designing your very own birthday cake, remember to order enough cupcakes for all guests to enjoy. Cupcakes are easier to distribute than having to slice the cake, unless you are hosting a small party.

After reading about these birthday party ideas, have you decided which one to choose for your next birthday? Still making choices? Whichever you choose, make sure you have prepared everything with extra care and your birthday party will be a successful one.


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