You Can Pick One of These Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate the Special Day

An anniversary is one of the most special days for couples. There are a lot of ways to celebrate it. From romantic dinner, books as a gift, to doing sport together. However, if you are run out of inspiration, please do not worry because this article will pick some inspirations for perfect anniversary presents for you.

Anniversary gifts inspirations that you can use

ring anniversary gifts

Usually, anniversary presents are quite different from the birthday gift. It should be more romantic than birthday because you two are celebrating your love journey together. It should make you and your loved one become closer and love each other more. The gift is also recommended to be useful for everyday life so that when your loved one saw the gift, he or she will remember you.

Sweet love letter as a gift for you who are going through a long distance relationship

Sweet love letter as a anniversary gift

This gift is special for you who are going through a long distance relationship. It must be pretty suck if you cannot celebrate the anniversary with your loved one. So do not be sad because a sweet love letter can be a very special and touching gift. It is romantic and will help you to go through the relationship.

A watch with a romantic note will be a perfect gift

watch as anniversary gifts

Maybe your loved one broke his watch, or maybe he doesn’t have any. The anniversary will be the perfect time to give him a watch as a gift. Make it more romantic by giving a sweet romantic note inside the box. Give it to him and watch his expression. This gift is also applicable to girls.

Scrapbook to show your love journey in the past year

scrapbok anniversary gifts

Anniversary means that you two successfully dating for a year. Isn’t pretty awesome, right? If you are a new couple and it is the first anniversary, you can give your loved ones a scrapbook on a special day. In the scrapbook, you can arrange some memorable stories and photos to show how you guys went through the dating.

If you are not a creative person, you can buy a scrapbook that is already designed for a gift. This kind of scrapbook already provides the spots where you need to post the photos.

Mug as a gift for you who are a coffee and tea lovers

mug anniversary gifts

Maybe you like coffee and she likes tea. This difference will make the special day perfect. Buy a couple mugs for her as a gift and you can spend the anniversary having a coffee and tea together. It will be nice if you are not going to a coffee shop just this once.

A video with everyone congratulates the anniversary as a gift

A video can be one of the sweetest anniversary presents, you know. Record a congratulation expression from your close family and friends. Getting all of your close ones in the video will make it a very memorable gift.

Give your loved one a cute pet to celebrate the anniversary

cute pet anniversary gifts

Of course, this gift will work if he or she likes pets. Find a cute pet that she likes, maybe a kitten, puppy or smaller like a hamster. If it is taken care well, once it getting bigger, she will remember the anniversary. Isn’t it romantic?

Running shoes as a gift? Why not!

running shoes anniversary gifts

If he loves jogging and often participates in a marathon, you can give him running shoes. Get him good quality shoes so the shoes can last longer. Do not overdo it by buying the expensive one. Make sure you can afford it.

Or, if you are a runner too, you can go jogging with him. Having a sports activity together with the loved ones is proven can make our body more refreshing. It eventually will keep stress at bay. Besides, doing it together on the anniversary day is very romantic.

Instead of a flower, try a bucket of flowers as a gift

instead flower anniversary gifts

Giving a flower as a gift is very common. Try giving her a bucket of flower this time. Fill the bucket with many beautiful flowers and she will love it. You can put roses, but sometimes roses are too common. Find which flower that she likes and give her a bucket of it on the anniversary day. Lily can be a good choice beside roses.

Give her your own romantic song as a gift

If you are a singer, write her a romantic song for the anniversary. Sing the song at the anniversary and watch her eyes while you sing it. It will be very romantic. You can find the inspiration for the lyrics from your love story with her. Remember, not your love story with your exes like Taylor Swift’s. or the lyrics can be how you feel when you are with her.

Romantic Dinner

Romantic Diner anniversary gifts

Even though it is very mainstream, romantic dinner never fails to celebrate your special day with the loved one. You can make the dinner more challenging by doing something that you guys never do. For example, if you are always dining in a restaurant, try to dine in your or her house. Make it romantic candlelight dinner.

Another inspiration is you can cook for the dinner. It is up to you if you are the one who cooks or not. However, make sure that you are a pretty good cook because you don’t want to ruin the romantic dinner with your bad meal.

Give her a plant that she loves as a gift on the anniversary

plant anniversary gifts

Maybe you think that a bucket of flowers is too mainstream and you want to give something different, something more memorable. You can give her a plant that you have planted and taken care of. It is recommended to be a flower that she likes. Or you can give her a decorative plant. You should plan it long before the anniversary.

Find which plant that she likes and take a good care of it until the D-day. When you give it to her, decorate the flowerpot with ribbons so it will look like an actual gift. This gift will last longer than a bucket of flowers as it is actually well planted.

Those are some anniversary gifts inspirations that you can use. Make sure to pick one that matches your condition, financially. Give her the gift that she likes and you can afford it. Hopefully, the gift will make your love last forever. Good luck!

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