5 Easy Steps to Create Animal Track Stamps


Is that a Lion, or a Cat track? Know how to tell the difference, as well as learn to recognize wild animals tracks in your neck of the woods with these realities as well as academic sponges Animal Track Stamps. Easy to create and very easy stamping.

Make this extremely fun and also an educational job for your animal-loving kids!



  1. Cardboard pieces
  2. Sponges
  3. Scissors
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Ink
  6. Cardstock
animal track stamps
animal track stamps greenkidcrafts.com

Step 1

We spent time finding animal tracks in books and also online. After that, we chose 3 different types of tracks we wanted to make

animal track stamps step two
animal track stamps greenkidcrafts.com


Step 2

Cut stems of cardboard into 4 x 4 squares or bigger.

Step 3

With guidance, reduced the forms of the tracks from the sponges. It could aid to map it onto the sponges first. The tracks could or may not look precisely like the pet portrayed.

animal track stamps step four
animal track stamps greenkidcrafts.com

Step 4

Glue into the cardboard and also start allowing your child dip them in ink. We used bingo daubers, which worked amazingly!

animal track stamps step five
animal track stamps greenkidcrafts.com


Step 5

Make tracks all over the card supply. After that, we listed what sort of animal represented the tracks.


animal track stamps six
animal track stamps greenkidcrafts.com
animal track stamps seven
animal track stamps greenkidcrafts.com

sources: greenkidcrafts.com


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