Stunning and Amazing Design Gift Card

Nowadays, there are so many unique designs ofgift cardthat you can meet on store. Those cardshave unordinary design which make you want to grab and purchase them. They are made to attract the attention of people, so the corporation can enhance the sales significantly. Do you know what kind of design which can attract person’s attention.

3D Pop UpGift Card Design

Everyone who still alive today live in 21st century. If you have business in this segment, you can’t only sell the ordinary style. If you do that, you may not survive due to bloody competition in this segment. The keys of success in business are being different, explore something new, and keeping on learning about your segment.

If you live in this century, you have to know that people already bored with only simply design of 2D. You have to offer the 3D design that we can called it pop up design. It is named 3D pop up design, because it has mechanism of 3D when you open the card. When you combine the card with the great cartoon or amazing picture it will become the greatest card for everyone.

You will amaze everyone by only one single touching. This 3D pop up design never fails to catch attention from everyone. You only require creativity to make a good design. When you have a good skill at origami, you can create better design that will make everybody happy. The examples of stunning 3D Pop Up design:

1. 3D Pop Up Design for Birthday

When you have good friends and your friends have birthday, you may think to give the best gift that you can provide. Don’t think to only buy the ordinarygift card for your special friends. You can procure 3D pop design that you can get in bookstore around your city. Even, you can’t find the good one, you can try to search from your laptop and try to look for the birthday card that has pop up design.

You may find that there are so many 3D pop up designs for birthday. When it is closed, it maybe looks like common card. When you open it, you may see a piece of birthday cake that stands out completed with its candle. That is only one example of the 3D pop up design for birthday.

Another example of pop up design for birthday is bunch of presents that stand out when you open the card. It will look like miracle for everyone and your friend will ask how it can stand out. Then, you can see that your friend feels happy from the smile.

2. 3D Pop Up Design for Wedding

You found that your friend or family will get married. You may think what kind of card I can give to them. The answer is so simple. You only have to purchase 3D pop up design for wedding. This kind of card, when you open it, there will be a couple picture that stand out.

When you want to give better card, you can try to demand from thegift card company that accept the personal request. You can also design based on your opinion and idea. You will find that the reaction from your friend or family will make you also smile. You will know the feeling of happiness when you someone smile because of you.

3. 3D Pop Up Design for Happy Mom Day

When you still have your mom alive, you really have to grateful to your God. You can try to give her surprise or make her happy every day. When she grows to become older day by day, someday she needs not only money, but also your attention. Even for a small thing, you can give her attention such as give her good message every day and cook for her.

Another activity that can make your mom happy is congratulating her happy mom day through agift card. You can say thank you for everything, thanks because of you want to make you born in this world safely, or thanks to your mom to take care of you when you still a kid. Maybe you can also make a poem for them. That would be perfect.

You can try to searc for 3D pop up design with the topic of happy mom day at bookstore. You can try to buy it and open it. You will find that there are bunch of flowers stand out from the card.

Flat Design to Attract Attention

Nowadays, the most popular design is flat design. If you are not familiar to the design world, you will ask what that is flat design. This is a minimalist design that themed by using pastel or bright colors, 2D image, simple, and clean space.

It is very popular and has been used in human interface of Microsoft also. Even power point, magazine, and book’s cover design have this flat design.  This flat design uses icon-like illustration rather than real-world object.

Although flat design is minimalist design, it does not mean less attractive. It can decrease the picture disturbance from the user or customer experience. In other words, it can eliminate the unimportant variable in illustration. Flat design can also catch attention easily and grab the costumer’s eye.

Another advantage of flat design is quick to be grasped compared to detailed design. It can deliver the message quicker and easy to be understand by everone. The design of this segment is judged by how amazing it looks like.

Different Basic Shape

The shape of this card does not necessarily square-shaped because of it will be so bored to see this shape again and again. There will be variations of the shape such as apple, cake-like, ribbon, and so on. This design can grab customer’s eye easily rather than using common square-shaped.

The most important to get attention to increase sale is becoming different. It is why there are so many creativity productions to create new things about this segment. When, the corporations combine these three variables about pop up, flat design, and basic shape that will be the greatest design you have ever seen.




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