A Comprehensive List of Front Door Ideas

Your house is what protects you from unfriendly weather and other natural occurrences. No wonder, people will voluntarily pay a lot of money for their house’s exterior and interiors, including furnishings. Every part of the house has to be in their best condition, especially the front door. A nicely made front door will tell passers-by that your house is well-kept.

The front door is one of the most important parts of a house’s exterior. It is important because it’s the first thing people see when they pass by your house. If the design of your front door matches the rest of your house, or it is somewhat aesthetically pleasing, this will impact people’s perception of you. You will be known as someone with good taste.

Other than being a way for a house’s dwellers to enter, the existence of a door also contributes to the overall design of the house. There are lots of designs, materials, and colours available to choose from at the moment. We can create whatever door that completes our house’s design.

Before taking a look at a list of front door ideas we have compiled, here are some tips on how to choose a front door that matches the rest of your house.

  1. Match the colour with the wall

    It is advisable to choose a front door with a colour that matches the colour of the entire house’s facade. A front door with a colour that goes together with the wall gives a uniform look.

    If you don’t know how to match the colour of the door and the facade, search the internet for colour schemes. For example, if you search for “blue colour scheme” you will find pictures with graduating shades of blue. You will also find colours that are compatible with it. In this case, you will usually find white as the complementary colour.

  2. Choose a front door with different texture

    The combination of various materials on the facade of your house will enrich the composition. This eliminates the chance of getting a monotonous looking house. For instance, if your wall is covered with stones, choose a wooden front door to make your house steal the limelight.

  3. Choose the material the condition where you are living.

    If you are living in an area with high rainfall, maybe choosing a wooden front door is not the best decision. You won’t have to wait a long time before it becomes weathered, supporting fungus growth. Now you are left with a mouldy door.

    In this case, you can choose a trendy metal door. Don’t ever think that metal doors are only for bathrooms – there are lots of metal doors with elegant designs that will complete your house.

  4. Choose the right size

    Do not pick a huge front door if your house is tiny. It will make your house look even smaller, and you don’t want that to happen. Likewise, don’t pick a tiny door if your house is huge. It will not look cute, guaranteed.

  5. Add lighting

    To add attractiveness to your house, get some lanterns, light bulbs, or garden lights. The addition of lighting around your front door will enhance the beauty of your house.

Now, we will find out the examples of modern-day front door ideas.

  1. Door with glass windows

    The aquarium design is the latest trend of housing designs. This gives your house a clean, sophisticated look. The simplicity does not make it boring; it adds an elegant touch to the entire design of the house.

    There is an advantage of having doors with glass windows. When the sun shines, you don’t have to turn on your light bulbs and pay for electricity. Choosing a door with glass windows does not only makes your house look hip, but also makes it energy efficient.

  2. Black with Aluminium finishing

    Black is a colour that symbolizes mystery, strength, and elegance. If the colour of your house matches with black, do not be afraid to experiment with this one.

  3.  Wooden door

    This type of door an be placed indoors or outdoors. Wood can isolate cool air, heat, and noise. If you are living where noises are frequently heard from outside, maybe you should choose a door made from wood to prevent the noise from coming in and you can live peacefully.

    A lot of people have chosen a wooden door for their front door. Wood gives a strong, luxurious impression to those who see it. You can paint your wooden door to make it look stronger and protect it from termites.

    Whether your house’s design is classical or minimalist, you can choose the suitable design or carving of the wooden door. Classical designs usually cost more, considering the difficulty of making the intricate carvings. Doors with minimalist design do not have as much details and will cost less, depending on the type of wood used.

    Having a wooden front door has several advantages, such as:

    • Gives your house a warm atmosphere
    • Makes your house look elegant
    • Most of them are affordable
  4. Classical designs

    Whether you choose classic European or Asian design for your front door, classical front door designs will add elegance to your house. Most classical designs have carvings on it. This makes doors with classical designs have high aesthetic value.

Do Not Limit Yourself to These Front Door Ideas

When choosing a front door for your house, looking for front door ideas on the internet is a must. But that does not mean there is no possibility of getting a completely unique front door.

To get a front door that suits your needs, you have to order it from a trusted craftsman or carpenter. Discuss the design you want and ask for considerations from him. That way, you will get a door that satisfies you, your family, and everyone who sees it.

We hope this article about front door ideas will give you a view of the front door you should choose. Don’t forget to consider the safety of the door you are going to choose. As we all know, crime can happen anywhere and anytime. One of the ways to prevent it from happening to us is by choosing a durable, safe front door.

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