Want to Pick A Gift for Mom? Here Are Some Suggestions

Almost all people must think that mom is the most precious woman in the world. She has the most significant role in children’s life. When we are still a kid, many of us didn’t realize that mom has sacrificed many things to raise us well like we are now. Of course, it will be a great thing to do to rewards our beloved mother with a gift. But, what is the best gift for mom?

Tips to pick the right gift for mother

gifts for mom

gifts for mom

As she sacrificed many things in her life only for her children, she deserves something, a gift. There are a lot of options that you can choose for the gift. A gift for her should be creative, full of love, and useful for her. It should also deliver the message that you are grateful to her. So, here are some suggestions!

Paper flower will be more practical and easier to get as a gift

gift for mom Paper flower

Paper flower

First, let us go to the easiest one. Most women like a flower, especially it is a gift from someone she loves. It goes the same with mother. However, this time the flower is made of paper or flannel. This flower lasts longer than the organic flower. It also has become a trend nowadays to have paper/flannel flower as a gift.

Give her some fashion items to make her happy

gift for mom fashion item

fashion item

As a woman, of course, moms would love to receive bags, shoes, clothes or maybe even jewelry as a gift. Of course, it will cost more but if you can afford it, then, why not? Before you buy those things, make sure that you already do your homework. What kind of bags, clothes, or shoes she likes. For the jewelry, buy her a necklace that has a picture of you or your family in it. It will touch her heart and grateful having you as her child.

Let her know that you love your mom with Love encyclopedia

gift for mom encyclopedia

encyclopedia for mom

Write down 30 to 100 short sentences or speeches about how grateful you are having her as your mother and tell her that she is the most precious one. Write down these sentences on ivory papers or cardboards and decorate it with ribbons. This encyclopedia will help you to tell her that you love her and happy being her child.

Love photo album for a nostalgic feeling how you spent time with her

gift for mom

Love photo album

It doesn’t need to be short sentence or speeches to show your gratitude. You can create a photo album that consists of your photos with her. Give lovely captions to each photo. It may be her photos only or combined with both of you. The photo surely will give a nostalgic feeling about how happy you are spent your time with her.

Give her a lovely mug to show your love

gift for mom mug

lovely mug for mom

This one may need a good preparation. You need to know how to make it and how much it may cost. It may take a little more effort but the mug will stay with your mom for a long time. Create a lovely message on the mug so every time she uses it, she knows that you love her. There are two ways to create this mug. First, you buy a clean slate mug and print the message on it. Second, you can buy the one that already has a message printed on it. You can find the mugs in the online shops.

Family t-shirt is one of the cutest gifts for mom

gift for mom

t-shirt for mom

The thing that you have to keep in mind is that the message printed on the T-shirt is about the mother. For example, the t-shirt for your dad will say “She Is the Best Mom”. Then for the children is “My Mom is the Best!”. Then the last one for the mother will say “They Say I’m the Best Mom!” once you make this t-shirt, watch her expression.

Cook for her on her birthday

cook with mom

cook with mom

On her birthday, tell her to get some rest and let you and your father and other siblings serve her. You can cook her favorite menu, or maybe a cake, biscuit, or ice cream, whatever foods that she loves. Besides, it will give your mother a free time from her duty taking care of the family. This gift for your mother will also show your effort to make her the happiest mother in the world.

Give her the best time by traveling with her.

travelling with mom

travelling with mom

Traveling surely will refresh one’s mind. It will make your mother’s mind clearer and keep her away from frustration. Taking care of children and husband is not an easy job. A mother needs a vacation. Find a great place to travel and spend some a very good quality time with your family. And make her the queen on this journey. It will be a great gift for her special day.

Take her to spa and beauty and beauty salon

beauty salon

beauty salon

If you are a girl, this gift may be very suitable for you and your mom to spend time together. You can go with her and get any beauty treatment they can offer. If you are a boy, all you need to do is to accompany her and wait for her. It will be a blast for your mom to get these relaxing treatment after her busy schedule taking care of the family.

She deserves new kitchen utensil to cook the best meal for the family

gift for mom

gift for mom

The gift doesn’t have to be a lovely letter or a long family vacation. Buying her the newest kitchen utensil can also be a blast for her. Of course, it will be the best if your mom loves to cook. All you need to do is to pack it nicely and add some lovely note to show your love and gratitude to her. Put it in the kitchen and wait for her reaction.

Tell her that you love her and grateful for her in a family video

family video

family video

If you are away from your mother, your presence can be the best gift for her. However, if you really cannot go home and meet your mother directly, then you can make a video. Thank her for being your mother all your life and tell her that she is the best mother in the universe. You can add the video with your fathers and other family member’s message about her. Isn’t it the sweetest thing to do?

What do you think about these suggestions? Did you get the idea about the gift for mom?


Inexpensive but Incredible DIY Gift with Minimal Supplies

Holidays are always special. It is when our family gathers together and when we spend more quality time with them. Holidays will be more fun with gifts. No, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your cash to get pricey gifts since we’re talking about DIY gift. Don’t worry; we have enough ideas about do-it-yourself gifts for the whole family. Check them out below.

Colorful DIY Gift Marble Mugs

diy marble mug

encore-more.com – diy marble mug

Have some blank white mugs? I agreed that they look boring. But now no more, thanks to nail polishes and their beautiful colors. Now gather your

  1. white ceramic mugs
  2. warm water
  3. nail polishes in your favorite colors

To create do-it-yourself marble mugs follow the steps below:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water, make sure you pick bowl that’s big enough which you can dip your mug in it.
  2. Add some drops of nail polish into the warm water. Use toothpick to flatten the nail polish on the surface of warm water.
  3. Take your white mug and dip it in your warm water. You’ll see the nail polish is sticking on the mug. Wait for few seconds to let the nail polish sticks properly to your white mug.
  4. Now take it out and let the mug dry.

If there are few mugs and you want different marble color on each mug, you only need to replace the warm water with the clean one then add some drops of different color of nail polish. Repeat the steps above with different nail polish color. You will not only get different color on each mug but also unique motif for every single mug.

Once you add nail polish to warm water, you better dip your mug immediately since some brands of nail polish dry truly quickly on the water. When you take the mug out of warm water and you dislike the marble motif it gets, don’t panic but rinse it using warm water. The flowing warm water helps removing the motif only if you rinse it before the nail polish dries.

When giving these DIY gift marble mugs to anyone, tell them not to wash the mugs in dishwasher if they want the motif stays longer. Remind them to wash the mugs manually so their beautiful mugs won’t turn back to blank white mugs with their boring look. You can give them card with your pretty words inside and reminder along with the mugs so they won’t forget the rule.

Simple yet Stunning DIY Gift Idea

sharpie mark pen diy mug

Suggys.co.uk – sharpie mark pen diy mug

Blank white mug is a flawless canvas, but what if there’s no more ceramic white mug at home? Use plain mugs in any color then. Make those plain mugs look stunning by drawing or writing on them, using sharpie markers. Sharpie markers are much better than other markers since they’re more permanent. Use white sharpie marker to draw doodle on black ceramic mug, it will be awesome for kids.

And for red ceramic mug, use blue sharpie marker to write a name or quote on it. Green sharpie marker is cool alternative if you don’t have the blue one. Gold colored quote written using gold sharpie pen on the blue ceramic mug makes the mug look glorious. For green ceramic mug, use combination of black and blue sharpie markers to draw something on it.

When you finish drawing and writing on your ceramic mugs, put them inside the oven, and bake it for thirty minutes at 350 degrees. Baking them together is better and faster than baking them one by one. Wait for few minutes to let them cool before pulling them out of the oven. Now you’re ready to wrap them and hand them to your loved ones when they visit on holiday.

Classy DIY Gift with Gold Polka Dot

classy diy gift with gold polka dot

bombayduck.com – classy diy gift with gold polka dot

Another holiday gift giving idea is still about blank white mug. Prepare these materials first:

  1. White ceramic mug
  2. Sharpie pen or marker, the oil based ones. Why oil based sharpie pen or marker? The only reason is the water won’t remove it easily.

Now follow these to get the classy polka dot mug:

  1. Use the sharpie marker to draw polka dot in any size you want, either in same or different size, depends on your desire. Write something on the handle of mug if you want to.
  2. When you’re done, put the mug inside the oven then heat the oven at 350 degrees, wait for thirty minutes.

There it is; your new classy mug is ready to use. It is a brilliant gift especially for ladies since the gold colored sharpie is identical with girls. Wrap it using clear plastic and it will look so cute. That gold polka dot mug is ready to complement morning coffee.

Stylish Glass and Gold DIY Gift

stylish glass and gold diy gift

pinterest.com – stylish glass and gold diy gift

Clear glasses are alternative for ceramic mugs in case of creating stylish do-it-yourself gift. Collect all your glasses, the clear ones that have no print. Next, use gold and silver sharpie markers to draw or write on clear glasses. You need to make them look appealing, so start drawing and writing from the bottom of glasses and stop at the middle, not at top of glasses.

Explore your creativity by drawing on a glass using gold sharpie marker, writing on another glass using silver sharpie marker, and use both colors of sharpie markers on the next glass. To get classy look on each glass, don’t draw and write too much. Don’t use same design on two glasses so you won’t remove the do-it-yourself style.

As always, bake the glasses at 350 degrees in your oven for thirty minutes. Let them stay in your oven until they chill. Pull them out and they’ll be ready to serve juices or liqueur during the holiday season when everyone comes. You can also fill them with sweets or chocolate then wrap them using clear plastic and give them as holiday souvenir or gift.

Can you see that limited budget won’t block you from getting creative? Actually, all you need to create the entire do-it-yourself gifts above is just mugs, glasses, nail polish, warm water, sharpie markers, and an oven. There’s no need to spend a single penny to make them, nail polish and sharpie markers can now be found at most homes. Don’t give up in exploring your creativity.

Assorted Wondrous Gift in a Jar for Everyone

Nobody doesn’t love gift, even the smallest and simplest one will make us smile happily. But it is not fair to expect gifts from the others without giving back. Everybody deserves to be happy, and we have a role to draw a smile on their face through the gifts we share. Gift in a jar is one simple but cool idea to share happiness to our loved ones.

Speaking about giving gift in a jar, below are ideas about things we can give inside a jar and how to ‘wrap’ the jar so it won’t look too simple or naked. Let us start with what to put inside the jar. Before deciding what should be inside the jar, think about who will get that gift in a jar.

The Right Gift in a Jar for Him

recipe cranberry orange jelly gift jar

netdna-ssl.com – gift for her

A jar full of sweet stuff may be a terrible gift for a man, who knows he evidently is a diabetic? Know the recipient of your gift so you’ll figure out what to be placed in the jar. I asked some guy friends in different age ranges about what gift they expect from the others. Their answer depends on their age.

If you’re about to give a gift in a jar to a grown man, you better get something that’s more functional than the attractive one. A jar contains a beautiful watch will be glorious treasure for him. But if you see him wearing a watch already and you don’t think it is a good gift for him, try another idea below.

Another guy I asked told me liqueur is his passion. If the guy you’re about to reward has the same passion, transform the jar into mini bar. Gather some small bottles that fit inside the jar you’ll give to him – if possible collect bottles in assorted shapes. Fill each small bottle with different kind of liqueur. Those liqueurs in a jar will be unique gift for him.

A younger man told me he always wants something he can display on the wall or desk instead of something he needs to carry everywhere. For this kind of guy, wristwatch is definitely not a good idea. The jar itself is displayable, so you only need to fill it with something cool for him to display on his desk or shelf.

An old photo of you and him, his favorite quote you write yourself on a parchment, or the first thing he gave to you when you first met him will be a meaningful decoration for his private office and a thing that will arouse everybody’s curiosity. When he explains what it is to his friend, he’ll always remember you.

Adorable Gift in a Jar for Her

gift in a jar

tesco.com – gift in a jar

Unlike guys, most girls don’t change as they grow up. Yet, you need to know her before handing a gift in a jar for her. Does she love something functional? Does appearance matter for her? Is she feminine or tomboy? A jar full of colorful nail polishes is so cute but they’ll dry out in a tomboy’s room.

Nail polishes, hair accessories, and cute sewing tools are excellent gift in a jar for girls who love functional gifts. Girls love sweets. I know that because I’m one of them. So a jar full of sweets or chocolate will never go wrong. The other lovely things in a jar are dried fruits and dried flowers; pick one she loves the most.

There are two ways to give dried fruits or dried flowers in a jar. First, fill a jar with one kind of dried flower or dried fruit. Next time you want to give her something, send another jar with another kind of dried flower or dried fruit. She’ll build her collection when you send her the other jars with other dried flower or dried fruit inside.

Second, mix some different types of dried flowers or dried fruits in one jar. Place the dried fruits or dried flowers in layers inside the jar. Dried flowers in a jar are lovely gift for feminine ones who have lots of stuffs with flower motif. They’ll display that gift proudly where people can see it easily. Dried fruits in a jar suit them who love eating.

Gorgeous ‘Wraps’ for Gift in a Jar

wrap gift in a jar

cloudfront.net – wrap gift in a jar

Do you want to cover the entire jar so no one can see what’s inside? Or will you let the gift sneak a peek from the jar? If you prefer the first choice, try painting the whole jar instead of wrapping the jar using wrapping paper. Paint will block the entire glass. This idea is perfect if you want to surprise him or her.

Or, write your letter on a paper that’s big enough to cover the jar. Stick the paper outside the jar with your writing facing outside. When she/he gets the gift in a jar, the letter will be the first she/he sees. This is a romantic wrapping idea that’s brilliant if she/he is a romantic person. Scroll down if you prefer the second wrapping way.

Ribbon on the neck of jar, under the lid is most common ‘wrapping’ idea for gift in a jar. Ribbon on top, that’s sticking on jar’s lid is the second common idea. Try something new like sticking paper with printed quote around the jar’s body. Or write the quote you love manually then stick it on the jar. Quote isn’t like letter; it won’t hide what’s inside the jar.

The wrapping is not the matter, but what inside is. So don’t mind what’s outside the jar because she/he will love whatever you share inside the jar. But, if you want the jar displayable, printing the quote directly on the jar is awesome idea. She/he would love to display it on the shelf or desk with or without filling.

So, what comes to your mind when you’re thinking about giving something in a jar? Hope everything you found here will lead you to find the right gift in a jar for each person you love. Always keep in your mind that each person deserves something special, it helps you finding the right gift for the right person.

A Comprehensive List of Front Door Ideas

Your house is what protects you from unfriendly weather and other natural occurrences. No wonder, people will voluntarily pay a lot of money for their house’s exterior and interiors, including furnishings. Every part of the house has to be in their best condition, especially the front door. A nicely made front door will tell passers-by that your house is well-kept.

The front door is one of the most important parts of a house’s exterior. It is important because it’s the first thing people see when they pass by your house. If the design of your front door matches the rest of your house, or it is somewhat aesthetically pleasing, this will impact people’s perception of you. You will be known as someone with good taste.

Other than being a way for a house’s dwellers to enter, the existence of a door also contributes to the overall design of the house. There are lots of designs, materials, and colours available to choose from at the moment. We can create whatever door that completes our house’s design.

Before taking a look at a list of front door ideas we have compiled, here are some tips on how to choose a front door that matches the rest of your house.

  1. Match the colour with the wall

    It is advisable to choose a front door with a colour that matches the colour of the entire house’s facade. A front door with a colour that goes together with the wall gives a uniform look.

    If you don’t know how to match the colour of the door and the facade, search the internet for colour schemes. For example, if you search for “blue colour scheme” you will find pictures with graduating shades of blue. You will also find colours that are compatible with it. In this case, you will usually find white as the complementary colour.

  2. Choose a front door with different texture

    The combination of various materials on the facade of your house will enrich the composition. This eliminates the chance of getting a monotonous looking house. For instance, if your wall is covered with stones, choose a wooden front door to make your house steal the limelight.

  3. Choose the material the condition where you are living.

    If you are living in an area with high rainfall, maybe choosing a wooden front door is not the best decision. You won’t have to wait a long time before it becomes weathered, supporting fungus growth. Now you are left with a mouldy door.

    In this case, you can choose a trendy metal door. Don’t ever think that metal doors are only for bathrooms – there are lots of metal doors with elegant designs that will complete your house.

  4. Choose the right size

    Do not pick a huge front door if your house is tiny. It will make your house look even smaller, and you don’t want that to happen. Likewise, don’t pick a tiny door if your house is huge. It will not look cute, guaranteed.

  5. Add lighting

    To add attractiveness to your house, get some lanterns, light bulbs, or garden lights. The addition of lighting around your front door will enhance the beauty of your house.

Now, we will find out the examples of modern-day front door ideas.

  1. Door with glass windows

    The aquarium design is the latest trend of housing designs. This gives your house a clean, sophisticated look. The simplicity does not make it boring; it adds an elegant touch to the entire design of the house.

    There is an advantage of having doors with glass windows. When the sun shines, you don’t have to turn on your light bulbs and pay for electricity. Choosing a door with glass windows does not only makes your house look hip, but also makes it energy efficient.

  2. Black with Aluminium finishing

    Black is a colour that symbolizes mystery, strength, and elegance. If the colour of your house matches with black, do not be afraid to experiment with this one.

  3.  Wooden door

    This type of door an be placed indoors or outdoors. Wood can isolate cool air, heat, and noise. If you are living where noises are frequently heard from outside, maybe you should choose a door made from wood to prevent the noise from coming in and you can live peacefully.

    A lot of people have chosen a wooden door for their front door. Wood gives a strong, luxurious impression to those who see it. You can paint your wooden door to make it look stronger and protect it from termites.

    Whether your house’s design is classical or minimalist, you can choose the suitable design or carving of the wooden door. Classical designs usually cost more, considering the difficulty of making the intricate carvings. Doors with minimalist design do not have as much details and will cost less, depending on the type of wood used.

    Having a wooden front door has several advantages, such as:

    • Gives your house a warm atmosphere
    • Makes your house look elegant
    • Most of them are affordable
  4. Classical designs

    Whether you choose classic European or Asian design for your front door, classical front door designs will add elegance to your house. Most classical designs have carvings on it. This makes doors with classical designs have high aesthetic value.

Do Not Limit Yourself to These Front Door Ideas

When choosing a front door for your house, looking for front door ideas on the internet is a must. But that does not mean there is no possibility of getting a completely unique front door.

To get a front door that suits your needs, you have to order it from a trusted craftsman or carpenter. Discuss the design you want and ask for considerations from him. That way, you will get a door that satisfies you, your family, and everyone who sees it.

We hope this article about front door ideas will give you a view of the front door you should choose. Don’t forget to consider the safety of the door you are going to choose. As we all know, crime can happen anywhere and anytime. One of the ways to prevent it from happening to us is by choosing a durable, safe front door.

Awesome Birthday Party Ideas

If your friends tell you that birthday surprises and parties are childish, cheesy, and immature, tell them that they’re wrong. You are never too old to have a birthday party. If you are creative enough, everything in your surroundings can be a theme for your birthday party. We are talking about a birthday party without creepy clowns and balloons.

Awesome Ideas for Nice Birthday Party

This article will help you arrange the birthday party of your dreams. Later, we will browse through some of the best birthday party ideas for teenagers and young adults. Prove to the people who challenged you that birthday parties can be chic without any trace of childishness.

1. Glow in the Dark Theme

Even if you are not celebrating your birthday in a nightclub, you can always choose glow in the dark theme. Being in the dark does not always mean there is nothing to do. Actually, you can create fun activities to do in the dark during your party. For instance, you can provide a set of neon body painting that your attendees are free to use.

For the dress code, you can ask your guests to wear plain white t-shirts and prepare glow in the dark paints to paint on their shirts. Decorations can also be fun if you use this theme. You can put neon lights and sticks all over the room. Putting light sticks inside helium balloons is also a great idea.

2. Galaxy Theme

This tumblr trend might be a little out-dated for most people, but do not be afraid to use this theme because colourful things will never go out of style! The galaxy birthday party theme suits the ones who are fans of the outer space. It will also look aesthetically pleasing to those who attend your party.

The element you can be creative with in the galaxy birthday party theme is the food. Order a galaxy patterned cake, bake some outer space-themed cookies – the sky is your limit (pun intended).

3. Costume Party

If you have a lot of savings to spend on your birthday party, this one might be the right choice for you. The best thing about a costume party is that you can control whatever style of costume you want your attendees to wear. You can choose a theme that suits everybody, such as the sixties or the seventies. But if you are more adventurous, you can choose a theme like pop-art or Hollywood lookalike.

4. Movie Marathon

When you and your closest friend are people who will choose intimacy over luxury anytime, this one is for you. Rather than arranging a birthday party with high budget in a crowded place, list some of your favourite movies and invite your beloved friends to come over.

With some drinks and popcorn, your birthday party will be a memorable one. If you’re on a budget, this can be one of the best birthday party ideas for you. Have you ever thought about this way to celebrate your birthday before? I bet you haven’t.

5. Unicorn Themed Party

If you are a grown-up and not afraid to embrace your inner little girl, try to use the unicorn theme on your birthday party. Decorate the venue with pastel rainbow colours. Order unicorn-themed cakes and sweet treats from the bakery of your choice.

For the dress code, you can ask your attendees to wear pastel coloured clothes. Other than that, make some unicorn horn bandannas for them. Although this might feel too childish for some, what’s wrong with it on your special day?

6. Charity Party

If you want your birthday to become the moment to share happiness with others or the less fortunate, try planning a charity to be held on your birthday. For example, you can visit shelters or foster homes and interact with the children there.

But if you are on a budget and giving donation is not possible, try starting a fundraiser. That way, you can gather enough money to provide some daily needs for the places you are going to visit. Your good deeds will always result in good things.

What Are the Elements that Should Never Be Forgotten in These Birthday Party Ideas?

The birthday party ideas mentioned above are great, but they are nothing without the completeness of every birthday party element. If one thing or two are missing, your birthday party will not completely feel like a birthday party.

These are the things you should never forget to include in your birthday party:

1. Balloons

If you don’t want to use colourful balloons, that is okay. You are not a pre-schooler anymore. But to add festivity to your birthday party, buy some balloons. There are lots of balloons with beautiful designs today.

Whether you want your balloons to be your name, your age, or a certain colour scheme, there is a great chance that you can find the ones you like. If visiting stores isn’t your thing, or if you can’t find them anywhere, try to browse for them on-line. Try tracking hash tags on instagram.

2. Ribbons

Ribbons are the best choice for decoration because they are cheap, but they don’t look cheap. Ribbons can be made into virtually anything you like. Just hire the best decorating team to make sure the ribbons are in the right places.

3. A Greeting Banner

How would you feel if you walked into a party where there is no welcome sign? That’s right, you will feel confused and unwelcomed. The same goes with your birthday party. If there is nothing to greet your guests, they will feel uncomfortable before the party even starts.

Banners are available for a reasonable price at many stores. Many stores that provide banners enable you to customize the banner to your liking.

4. Table Decoration

Apart from the venue decoration, the table decoration is also important. By decorating the tables your guests will be using, your guests will feel honoured because everything is prepared to meet their best condition.

5. Food and Beverages

It’s a party; of course there should be food! Other than designing your very own birthday cake, remember to order enough cupcakes for all guests to enjoy. Cupcakes are easier to distribute than having to slice the cake, unless you are hosting a small party.

After reading about these birthday party ideas, have you decided which one to choose for your next birthday? Still making choices? Whichever you choose, make sure you have prepared everything with extra care and your birthday party will be a successful one.